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Default Brutal breach of rider's rights!

I'm one of the guys who very much believes that Lance probably did test

Dick Pound has seriously been putting on a clever and diversionary
offense here. According to Verbruggen, he and Lance were duped into
providing the reporter with the information needed to confirm the
positive (how, I have no idea). But there are two pieces of data that
need to be linked together.

Diversionary how? He has not addressed how the L'Equipe received data
from the LAB. If that info had not been leaked first, the reporters
never would have needed that data from the UCI.

Dick Pound is one sick ****ing *******. Heck, I WANT to see Armstrong
get what's coming to him on this one...But Pound is tossing the
credibility of WADA out the window. He seems to know something, but he
is not volunteering everything he needs to volunteer...or he should
keep his mouth 100% shut. If he's willing to talk about a letter that
Verbruggen wrote to him, why not release it? Pound just makes me so
damn angry. I'd hate to be an athlete in his crosshairs, because it is
so obvious that he does not follow any kind of fair due process in how
he goes about doing things.


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