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Bill C
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Default Brutal breach of rider's rights!

Everyone always thought he was a lying, double-dealing, backstabbing
POS. If Pound's accusations are true we now KNOW what his word, written

rules and contracts mean. Not a ****ing thing. Can't do business with
someone like that!
Bill C
I have a question:
aren't these governing bodies? don't they make the rules?
it's not business relationship.

Bull****. The riders have agreed to be tested under a set of rules and
procedures that form a written behavioral contract. If Hein violated
the rider confidentiality agreed to in that contract then he's scum.
Benjo, unfortunalely I think you may be right in that you have to be a
lying, hypocritical POS to be involved in running cycling today.
Everyone expects riders to do this, but when the governing agencies,
and doping police have NO credibility, objectivity, and honor how the
hell can anyone put money into the sport or have any respect for the
rules. What this whole mess would tell me as a rider is that it's "Game
On" to break every rule in the book I could get away with as long as my
lawyers could make the case for it, or I didn't get caught because the
people running the sport aren't playing by the rules either. This makes
it real clear that neither the UCI or WADA can be trusted or have any
credibility. I don't see a rider strike happening but it sure as hell
needs to. The level of scumbag politics all across the sport is totally
disgusting. Right now I'd vote for removing ALL cycling from the
Olympics, except that the IOC is just as corrupt as past events have
I think they've finally reached the Don King, Mike Tyson, Boxing level
of repectability. My congratulations to them.
The sad part of this is that the only people who may actually come out
of this well are L'Equipe. It's really lokking like they just did their
job, with what they were given. Granted they were being used in a
political war, but that's what the press is for.
Compared to the sleaziness in the leaders of cycling Pantani, and the
others were guiltless and deserved much better than they got. At least
they cared about the sport itself, and loved it enough to do whatever
they needed to to make it shine brighter.
How can this get more disgusting and sleazy?
I hope they rot in hell because Marco died for their lying sins.
Bill C


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