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On 3/29/2011 11:00 PM, Edward Dolan wrote:

Why the Hell don't the Arabs support their own? God damn ****ing Arabs
hate one another. It is what comes of tribal type societies. **** 'em
They are primitive savages and it would be best if they would perish
this earth. And they can take their God Damn ****ing religion with them!

Jewish identity is also a form of tribalism. Time to leave all the
silly cultural baggage behind - after all we are one species with only
superficial cosmetic differences.

The Jews do indeed constitute a tribe which is the main reason their
religion has no universal appeal other than what Christianity has given it.
However, the differences among the tribes of mankind are far more than
superficial. Mr. Sherman is as ever the victim of politically correct
(liberal) thinking. He will no doubt go to his grave believing all kinds of

We are all tribal. It is human nature. globalism is capitalist

nonsense and a contradiction. Even capitalism needs to appeal to our
tribal instincts to succeed. Back to my cave.

The nations of the world are far from being tribal. Btu it is not easy to
build a nation. It took Europeans hundreds of years of hard struggle to
build nations. The Arabs remain mired in tribalism because of their religion
which encourages it. It is why Islam is not truly a universal religion in
the same sense that Christianity is. Islam can only be spread by the sword,
never by persuasion.

Capitalism has given more riches to mankind than any other form of political
economy. I will admit the global part bothers me somewhat too. No one in the
world can compete with the Chinese. It is why they are hated wherever they
have settled in the world outside of China. The Indonesians not too many
years ago initiated a mass slaughter of them since they were taking over
Indonesian society with their hard work ethic.

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