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Great bike for sale: #4 built of the 1995 Bob Jackson Anniversary
edition with decal on front. 758 alloy frame. Complete Campangnolo
Record 9 speed Groupo. Non-Campy Titanium nuts and bolts throughout.
Mavic wheels. Two tubular tires on bike plus 2 spare tires, one used
and one brand new Veloflex criterium. 3 x 9 speed cassettes: 12-21,
13-23 and 13-25 each Titanium-steel combinations. Italia Sella seat
with wear on sides. Water bottle clip. Weight 20# 12 oz. Bike in
generally great condition x/c few small paint nicks done in the garage,
not on the road. No accidents, no falls, no spills. Never ridden in the
rain. No racing. Used for recreation only, probably less than 1000
miles per year. $2650. Respond to


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