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Default Filing a brake caliper that's just too short?

Paul Hobson wrote:
Hey everyone,

I just bought a front brake caliper that's *just* too short for the
Peugeot frame that it'll be one. Seriously, I only need another 1 mm of
reach...maybe 2 mm tops.

Does anyone see an danger to me filing a flat spot in the bolt like this: ???
only it'd be on the brake pad's bolt...not my get the picture.

I've also thought about filing the caliper itself down just a hair since
there is a significant amount of material below the lowest point at
which the pads can sit. Does anyone see dangers to doing this? Keep in
mind I need only a little --||--- more room and the brakes are
/perfect/. Additionally, I'd like to avoid buying a new brake caliper as
I bought this one second hand and can't really return/exchange it (it's
also nice).

I assume the problem is the brake pad or shoe is contacting your tire?

I'd first consider extending the slot by 1 mm, as someone else

Another possibility may be to shave 1 mm of rubber off the top of the
brake pad. That's five minutes work with a utility knife. The only
downside is microscopically faster pad wear.

- Frank Krygowski


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