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Jon Meinecke
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"mugwump" wrote
She'll probably ride it 4 times per year, just around the
neighborhood, not too hilly. I hate to blow so much money for such
minimal riding, but everytime she rides her current bike she complains
about it. All the things she complains about seem to be corrected in
the Revive.

Who knows, maybe if she like the Revive she'll ride more...

BikeE may also address the comfort issues of casual/infrequent
riders. They may be easier to locate used/cheap, for a while
there were a number of NOS (new old stock) of the discontinued
BikeE models. They still seem to appear fairly regularly on
used bike for sale lists.

BikeEs are not limited to short distance rides. I rode mine on
a number of 50 milers. BikeEs are great utility bikes, too.



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