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Default Screws for disc brake caliper mounting?

On 2017-11-09 17:33, John B. wrote:
On Thu, 09 Nov 2017 15:19:50 -0800, Joerg

Missing a couple of screws for mounting adapters and calipers. The frame
of the bike is aluminum.

Do these have to be from some sort of space-age special material? The
ones that came with the adapters (unfortunately only one pair each) are
magnetic, so it's steel.

Most of my M6 screws are Cadmium plated steel like they are used on
aircraft. Will that do?

I guess brass isn't sturdy enough. Anything else is locally unobtanium
in metric size.

Sure, I use stainless screws on my bikes. Mostly because there is a
shop nearby that stocks both metric and imperial sizes from ~1mm up to
about 1/2" in various lengths.

Out here in the boonies the hardware store does not carry metric in
stainless, only non-metric.

Common stainless screws are generally not as strong as common steel so
perhaps steel might be a better choice for brake attachment. I think
I'd just use the steel bolts with a bit of anti-seize which would
insulate them from the aluminum and prevent galvanic corrosion (which
I think that you are worrying about).

I use LiquiMoly mounting paste. It doesn't help locking but prevents
seizing and allows quick adjustments or, as has happened, disconnecting
them after a brake failure (had to pussyfoot it home).

Regards, Joerg

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