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Default Screws for disc brake caliper mounting?

On 2017-11-10 07:13, jbeattie wrote:
On Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 3:19:46 PM UTC-8, Joerg wrote:
Missing a couple of screws for mounting adapters and calipers. The
frame of the bike is aluminum.

Do these have to be from some sort of space-age special material?
The ones that came with the adapters (unfortunately only one pair
each) are magnetic, so it's steel.

Most of my M6 screws are Cadmium plated steel like they are used
on aircraft. Will that do?

I guess brass isn't sturdy enough. Anything else is locally
unobtanium in metric size.

For my flat mount brackets, I used standard SS cap screws purchased
at the local hardware store. Those happen to be 5M, IIRC. The 6M
caliper mounting hardware came with the brakes, and it looks like
plated steel. No special alloys required. I don't think galvanic
corrosion is a big deal with brake mounting hardware unless your
roads are salted and you ride in snow.

I do ride in snow but they don't use salt around here. I'll just use the
Cd-plated steel screws then since that's also used on aircraft.

Regards, Joerg

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