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On Oct 6, 2:59*pm, Lou Holtman wrote:
Op zaterdag 6 oktober 2012 11:38:08 UTC+2 schreef Sir Ridesalot het volgende:

Interesting article on Sheldon's page. I'm pretty happy with all of my old Miele steel frame bicycles. I have pedals and toe clips on all but one of them. The other has clipless road pedals. I'm one of those that found the clipless mtb pedals (Wellgo clones of Shimano) too hard to get into. I have no problems entering either the cip and straps pedals or the clipless road pedals. I think that the flipping up of the pedal prior to entering it is so ingrained in me that I do it with the mtb pedals too and that's what makes it so hard to enter them. Since I'm happy enough with all my road pedals I'm not about to spend money experimenting trying to find an mtb pedal that suits me.

I can get into my road pedals with toe clips as fast and as easily as I can with my Look type clipless pedals but then need to snug up the straps which means that getting the same security with the toe clip pedals takes longer than it does with the clipless ones.

Periodically I use my Matrix rim tubular tires (old school 7 spd Dura Ace Uniglide cassette hub and Campy Record front hub) just for the enjoyment of their lively feel.


There is no need to justify your choices and/or preferences Peter.

True. In fact, any discussions at all are entirely optional. One can
always just ride bikes and never mention them to others.

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