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Default Wrong wrong wrong.... (ON topic)

On Mar 2, 10:25*am, jwbinpdx wrote:
On Mar 2, 7:48*am, "D'ohBoy" wrote:

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On 2 mrt, 15:07, "D'ohBoy" wrote:

Well, there were a lotta things said by various 'authoritative'
individuals about my new carbon wheels.

Firstly, and most importantly: *braking is as good as with any of my
alloy rims! *Did a coupla panic stops, and some more gradual braking
during bombing a hill, with an anticipated turn at the bottom type
braking. *Yes, the brakes did require a bit more modulation but
certainly I was able to stop and control braking as well as ever.
Yes, the pads are more spendy (unless purchased in bulkish quantities
on ebay - which I did) but they do work quite well.

Secondly: *no, I did NOT have to correct the spoke line.

Anyhoo, the wheels climb like a monkey, spin up nice and are only
mildly affected by crosswinds (30mm section). *Went for a ride
yesterday in 15 - 20 mph winds and had a great time. *18 degrees
ambient. *God it was great to get out on the bike again!

Sorry (oh, wait, not sorry at all), but you 'nattering nabobs of
negativism' were totally wrong.


Was it wet yesterday?
Did you notice any advantages compared to the cheaper alloy rims? If I
remembered correctly they were on the heavy side.


The cheaper alloy rims that weigh much more? *Yes. *To get a rim as
light (390 gms) I have to go to the IRD Cadence. * Box section, non-
aero, wimpy rim. *Destroyed the first rear I had because the single
eyelets pulled outta the rim with just 105 kgf on the DS in less than
a year of riding.

Or you can get a Velocity Aerohead at 400g for $49. *Perfectly fine
rime for most people. *What is your finished wheel weight?

And to get a rim as stiff, I would have to add 180 gms *per rim* for
Velocity Deep Vees with the same section (actually not as aero as the
aero section on the Protech but the same depth).

So these are lighter than alloy rims with the same section by 360 gms,
and yet as strong as those much heavier rims.

And since I have the coin, I can enjoy the ride. *Plus it was a kick
building the wheels as I am an inveterate putterer.

No, Lou, it wasn't wet. *But I imagine similar performance from my
braking (i.e., the brakes will have to clear the gunk and water before
they kick in as with a wet alloy rim). *And I will be wary of the wet
until I have proven otherwise.

Keep us posted. *Seriously. *I would like to hear how CF works as a
stand alone rim and not part of a package wheel. -- Jay Beattie.

Finished wheel weight is ~950 gms for the rear, about 560 for the
front. Rear is on a ~420 gm powertap, however. Woulda been about 700
for the rear with a tune or other high-end hub.

Anyhoo - yah the Aerohead is okay. Not quite the rim for daily use
for a big boy (~95 kg) tho unless you go 36 spoke.

Have a buddy who goes around 240 - 250 and he put his 36 spoke OCR
Aerohead outta true every coupla weeks. Finally talked him into
picking up my old pair of 36 spoke CXP-33s. Now he never has to
true. Complains the bike feels heavy when he lifts it but he really
likes how they ride and *stay true*.

Don't know why it took him so long to realize the Aeroheads just
weren't for him, even in OCR format.


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