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Default Boston Unicycling

Greetings all,

If you are a boston unicylist and are looking for someone to ride with,
and by some miracle you don't know me yet and are not getting emails
from me, but are reading this message. Come ride to the MIT Juggling
club, meeting Fridays 4-6 in Lobby 10. This weekend we should have a
decent number of riders. (I am hoping for more than three).

Also feel free to email me if you desire to be kept up on events in

Also in keeping with the tradition of annoucing great success on
internet-news-group. (Rick Bissel's Level 3) I would like to announce
that I can finally wheel walk. (really testable wheel walking!) WOOHOOO!
I am also an NSF Fellow! (as of yesterday) WOOOHOOO! Which makes it
more likely I will be in boston for the next three years.

And I love unicycling, but unicycling alone isn't as much fun, so come
on Boston riders and RIDE!


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