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Jim Edgar
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Default Broken Frame Question

J Jones at wrote on 8/25/03 7:50 AM:

I have a '99 Specialized Allez Comp that just broke near the drop-outs.
Specialized's standard offer is a new '03 Comp Frame (free of charge), or
50% off a brand new bike. It's unclear yet how much it will cost me to
transfer all of my Ultegra components, as Specialized indicated that the new
frame is "compact" design vs. my old full-size frame design. They did
indicate that they would expect some components not to transfer very well.

Anybody have any experience attempting a similar component transfer to a new
frame? If so, would you do it again, or just get a new bike? I'm inclined
to go ahead and get a new bike and upgrade to the Allez Pro, since I most
likely won't have this opportunity again any time soon.

I haven't checked the Specialized spec sheets, but I'd expect problems with
the following:

- Seatpost (length, maybe diameter)
- Stem (length/angle)
- You might have bottom bracket differences - at most a $30-40 parts
- You should make sure they will supply both a frame and fork, since you
might find some differences there.
- All cables and housing.

Are you going to transfer the parts yourself, or will you have the shop do
it? There's probably some labor involved there - check it out. If you're
going to do it yourself and have the proper tools and knowledge, you might
have to spring for a headset installation charge, unless you have or want to
make the tool.

The rest of the cost will be dependand upon how much mileage your components
have on them. Have your shop take a look at them if you are unfamiliar with
wear characteristics. It might be worth it. If you have ridden a fair
amount, 4 years on a drivetrain can certainly push the needle toward
"REPLACE". If you are going to need to replace the part in the next year,
I'd consider it on the replace list.

Hope that helps,

-- Jim


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