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Default Broken Frame Question

In article ,

I have a '99 Specialized Allez Comp that just broke near the drop-outs.
Specialized's standard offer is a new '03 Comp Frame (free of charge), or
50% off a brand new bike. It's unclear yet how much it will cost me to
transfer all of my Ultegra components, as Specialized indicated that the new
frame is "compact" design vs. my old full-size frame design. They did
indicate that they would expect some components not to transfer very well.

Anybody have any experience attempting a similar component transfer to a new
frame? If so, would you do it again, or just get a new bike? I'm inclined
to go ahead and get a new bike and upgrade to the Allez Pro, since I most
likely won't have this opportunity again any time soon.

I would take the new frame offer. I would then sell it and shop around
for a non-compact frame to buy.
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