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Ted Heise
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Default NBC has ruined the Tour de France - and where the f*ck isMagilla Gorilla ?

On Tue, 22 Oct 2019 12:12:19 -0600,
William Henderson wrote:

Ted Heise West Lafayette, IN, USA

Hey Ted,

Many of us have gone to rbr on Facebook. Feel free to join in
there. It's a bit more tame than the good old Usenet rbr days,
but better than nothing.

It's a pity Usenet.rbr died, but I suppose everything has its

25 years ago we had a great "Eurobikers" group with meetups and
decals and events but it too faded.

Unfortunately I don't do Facebook ot Twitter or any of the
workalike, closelyresemble chatrooms.

Yeah, FB is borderline worthwhile. The rbr group there is okay,
but as Carl indicated not the same as the Usenet group in its
heyday. Still, it's been fun to see *many* of the old usual

Ted Heise West Lafayette, IN, USA

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