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Default Ride an SUB not an SUV

George Conklin wrote:
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donquijote1954 wrote:
On Mar 4, 9:49 am, "Qui si parla Campagnolo"
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Hey, be smart. You are part of the solution, not part of the problem.
And you save the buck. Dinosaurs are a thing of the past and the
little furry animals are here to stay.
There are two versions of it...
and bus:
OK, how is the bus not polluting?
You don't see it everyday, but it's possible. Just some new
technologies and some political will to make it happen...

Heaven Help Bus
A visit to Iceland spurs dreams of a hydrogen future

The loneliness of the long-distance rider.I have seen the future, and
it works.

The 111 bus rolls quietly up to the Mjodd terminal in eastern
Reykjavik at 11:19 a.m., and I climb aboard. For 45 minutes, we cruise
through the suburbs and then to the central square downtown, picking
up and discharging eight passengers along the way. Fuel cells that
would have filled the space of several passenger seats five years ago
are now small enough to fit in the roof panels. And out the exhaust
pipe: a trickle of water.

I have a dream...that someday buses will not pollute. Actually we
could make it happen now much easier than having all the cars be
replaced with hybrid. Just change the fleet of buses to hydrogen or
some other technologies out there.

We can make it happen with THE REVOLUTION. Coming soon...

Too optimistic. Somebody, somewhere is probably burning coal or oil to
make the electricity to electrolyze the water to make the Hydrogen.
It only really works if the electricity comes from wind, solar, hydro,
or, dare I say it, NUculear (Bush pronunciation).
Bill Baka

Anything which makes a bus more efficient would make a car even more
efficient than the bus. Right now transit buses waste fuel big time.

Only if nobody rides them. When I was a kid in the Chicago area I could
go anywhere on a weekend with a travel buddy of mine. We took the train
into downtown, then the 'el' ( hard to explain), and over/underground
subway system. Then there were electric trolley buses, and finally
regular buses to get us within walking distance.
And, yes, any one of those modes of transportation sucks fuel big time
if nobody rides them. If they are full they are a good thing. SUV's and
single occupant soccer moms have messed up the equation.
Bill Baka

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