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Carol Hague
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dirtylitterboxofferingstospammers wrote:

Senior Cat, for those interested, is to remain indoors under observation
for 48 hours, and if symptoms persist is to return to the vet on
Wednesday (don't tell him that though :-))

Give Senior Cat some ear scritches from me.

Thanks - I will.

If Senior Cat were Waffles, I'd be having to watch out for revenge when I
least expect it. Possibly in the form of steaming, vomited, partially
digested, small rodent innards just where I put my foot of a morning when
getting out of bed...

One reason why the cats aren't allowed upstairs in our house :-)

I just need to watch him around the new sofa....

I hope it's nothing seriously wrong with Senior Cat.

So do I. TED (I like that!) says he's most likely eaten a
Warfarin-poisoned rodent and has given him Vitamin K to counter that
possibility and antibiotics in case it's an infection (he's been passing
blood, hence the unscheduled trip). He seems better this morning (Tiger,
not TED!), although he's still sulking :-)

Waffles is due to go to TED (all evil men with needles are called TED. Stands
for The Evil Doctor and applies if TED is male or female) for her annual
booster jabs this month.

I hope she behaves better than Tigs, who once tried to bite TED rather
than submit to the injection. Most embarassing, even if TEDs are used to

ObCycling - the number of bikes in the house is now significantly
reduced, Rob having banished my old uprights to the new shelving in the
garage, although my trike is temporarily in the lounge for puncture
repair purposes - which Rob did for me, thus earning major brownie
points. Yes, I *can* repair punctures, but why bark yourself, right? :-)

Carol Hague
"....a cat is a diagram and pattern of subtle air." - Doris Lessing


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