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Default NSW bike laws....

On 02/03/16 11:44 AM, Je´┐Żus wrote:

I get the week-end flouro types "racing" each other up and down the
Avenue of Honour here leading into town, and the attitude is
astonishing. It's like they have to defiantly show they have a "right:
to be there by deliberately holding up every other vehicle on the road
which does *nothing* but cause agro against them.

Yep, most of them seem to *want* to create agro. I've had them hear me
coming and them swarm all over *both* lanes to block me. That was
between Kin Kin and Pomona in QLD.

****ing knob-ends.


Again, yep. Sooner or later we'll start to see a few people target
these idiots intentionally.

I wouldn't wish that on any of them, but with incidents of "road rage"
becoming more prevalent you're not a particularly clever person if
you're prepared to put your 100 odd kg of yourself and your bike up
against a tonne and a half of irrational irritated driver.

Personally I think anyone who rides a bike without regard to how much of
an obstruction to other traffic they're making of themselves is a
****ing lunatic, as being run over and killed is a *massive* price to
pay for exercising your "right to be there".

Indeed. I don't understand it. Maybe some of them just like the idea
of being an 'oppressed minority' or something, and are standing up for
their 'rights'.

That's what it seems like, even if getting run over seems to be the
ultimate pyrrhic victory.

The short answer for cyclists is that you have as much right to use the
roads as anyone else. However, you do *not* have the right to slow
everyone else down to your pace and become a mobile road block just
because you feel that you *want* to.

Exactly. The trouble is, even with dash cams you have no way to
identify and then report them to the cops, unless you're lucky enough
to have a cop nearby or you stop and get involved in a serious
altercation or whatever where somebody is injured. For that reason I'm
all for bike to have plates.


Look at this ****wit:

Rides straight into the back of a parked car. I have no idea if he did
any damage (apart to his face), but had he caved the back door in (which
is easy to do on today's cars) and then just dusted himself off and rode
away like this bloke does no one has any way of identifying him and the
cost of the damage has to be borne by the car's owner (or at least their
insurance excess if they have it).

Bike riders need to be clearly identifiable, and there is not a single
valid argument against the idea.


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