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Default NSW bike laws....

On 03/03/16 7:45 AM, Je´┐Żus wrote:

I wouldn't wish that on any of them, but with incidents of "road rage"
becoming more prevalent you're not a particularly clever person if
you're prepared to put your 100 odd kg of yourself and your bike up
against a tonne and a half of irrational irritated driver.

I would have thought it common sense that sooner or later, you're
going to **** off the wrong person behaving that way. Do they think
they're immune to road rage for some reason?

I don't know, but the defiant stance is idiotic.

I know I regularly get the finger when passing these idiots just
because I pass within 1.5 to 2 metres of them instead of making a huge
gesture of needlessly going way over into the oncoming lane (when

Same here

I saw a video some time ago now of a bloke riding around on a bike with
a helmet cam who was criticising every car that went past for being "too
close". It's hard to tell exactly how close the cars were when passing
him because of the somewhat fish-eyed perspective of the camera lens,
but from what I could see none of them ever looked like hitting him but
he would be effing and blinding at every car seemingly just because it
was there.

Anyway one little car went past and he decided he'd had enough and gave
chase. Up the road a ways the car stopped at a light and the idiot bike
rider went around to the driver's side and banged on the window to give
the driver a mouthful. As he did he knocked the bloke's mirror with his
handlebars and bent it back on it's pivot. The bloke in the car, who
could clearly handle himself, opened the door, got straight out and
drove this ****ing idiot on the bike into the ground like a ****ing tent

I remember laughing and thinking "well, you know what mate? You got
exactly what you deserved for being a ****ing idiot".

That's what it seems like, even if getting run over seems to be the
ultimate pyrrhic victory.

That seems to be all it's about. Yet to hear of any other reason from
these riders.

Yeah, I'm ****ed if I know. I can't work it out. I haven't ridden a
pushbike since I was a kid waiting to get my driver's licence, but when
I did I made sure I kept *right* out of the way of faster moving larger

I mean, you're the weakest link in the road food chain and by a *very*
long way. Arguing the legality point when you're out there dodging cars
seems like a really ridiculous idea.

Look at this ****wit:

Rides straight into the back of a parked car. I have no idea if he did
any damage (apart to his face), but had he caved the back door in (which
is easy to do on today's cars) and then just dusted himself off and rode
away like this bloke does no one has any way of identifying him and the
cost of the damage has to be borne by the car's owner (or at least their
insurance excess if they have it).

What an idiot. Not even looking where he's going. I'd have pursued him
but of course a lot of ppl shy away from any confrontations like that.

Sadly. ****ed if I would have been springing 500 bucks for my excess
because of this dopey **** riding around with his eyes shut.


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