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Default NSW bike laws....

On 03/03/16 11:11 AM, Je´┐Żus wrote:

I saw a video some time ago now of a bloke riding around on a bike with
a helmet cam who was criticising every car that went past for being "too
close". It's hard to tell exactly how close the cars were when passing
him because of the somewhat fish-eyed perspective of the camera lens,
but from what I could see none of them ever looked like hitting him but
he would be effing and blinding at every car seemingly just because it
was there.

I've seen one like that too. A rider in London, IIRC.

I think that may have been the one. Can't recall other than thinking
that the bike rider was a ****ing knob-end.

Yeah, I'm ****ed if I know. I can't work it out. I haven't ridden a
pushbike since I was a kid waiting to get my driver's licence, but when
I did I made sure I kept *right* out of the way of faster moving larger

I was thinking the same about when I rode a push bike as a kid. We
used to ride for *miles* each day and rarely had an issue. We used to
give way to both vehicles and pedestrians and it wasn't a problem?

Exactly the same here. I grew up in a very inner city area as a kid with
heaps of traffic ranging from cars & trucks to buses and trams. I would
go out from sunrise to sunset on my bike as a kid and ride from one end
of town to the other. I never knocked anyone over, never came even
*remotely* close to being involved in an accident with any other
vehicle, nothing. My entire childhood riding bikes was accident free
from a "sharing the road with other traffic" perspective.

Then again, the difference may have been that I rode with the philosophy
of that if I wanted to avoid spilling blood it was *my* obligation to
get out of everyone else's way, not carry on like a ****wit about my
"right to be there" and expect everyone else to get around me.

I mean, you're the weakest link in the road food chain and by a *very*
long way. Arguing the legality point when you're out there dodging cars
seems like a really ridiculous idea.

Rider's 'rights' is immaterial as far as I am concerned when it comes
to these issues. Common sense says to let vehicles and pedestrians
have right of way in 99% of situations.


Stupidest thing I saw in quite some time was recently after the
government here announced 1.5 metre bike "clearance laws". Some total
****tard appeared on the Nightly News riding his bike with a 1.5 metre
long stick attached to the frame at a right angle with a red flag on the
end of it signifying the distance other vehicles need to keep away from
his "personal space".

My immediate thought was that if he wanted to kill himself there are
easier ways.


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