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Default Reputable e-trike supplier around Sydney?

On Mon, 22 Oct 2018 10:54:32 +0000, Zebee Johnstone wrote:

The handling of an upright trike on Sydney's roads and paths can be a
bit interesting. You really notice the road camber and any ramps you
have to cross at an angle.

It is any road. Camber is my overwhelming memory of a previous ride on an
upright trike about four decades ago. That and the continual question of
how to drag tail down a deeply rutted track.

It is also a real pain in those tight S bend road crossing things they
have on the Cook's River path. Because the wheels are behind you it
takes a lot of practice to get cleanly through those 90 deg turns.

We have a few here and when I drag the Jack-London/bobish trailer behind,
it is always a lift up the trailer as you walk the bicycle through them.

If you want speed and distance, then bite the bullet and get a 'bent.
There is really no comparison between the recumbent and the upright as
regards getting from place to place if they are more than a couple of km
apart. If you are just wanting something for a km or two in the local
area at gentle pace while easily carrying things then the Gomier works

Initial plan is to get a basic trike to keep active and look at either
using my sloppy welding skills to build a basic bent, or when the
"overdraft" comes down again, buy one.

Looking through all the weird and wonderful contributions to youtube as
people show off their home constructions gives you some very good ideas
on the various frame ideas and options to add the fancy bits. It will be
the same as when I was trailer building, build one. Hmm, how to improve
in model2, then 3, etc.

The only "catch" is according to some views there, all those spare stuff
I've acculmulated over the decades is apparently now junk, er out of
date. You just have to love modern marketing.


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