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Default AG: I hung my bike up for the winter

On Sat, 01 Dec 2018 22:36:57 -0500, Joy Beeson

I've decided to
write December off,

Well, hardly ever.

I checked out a seven-day book last Saturday. Turned out to be a
novella (_Mira's Last Dance_ by Lois McMaster Bujold), and I read all
of it on Sunday evening and started on _Brothers in Arms_.

So I had to go downtown yesterday or today. Weather Underground
predicted that both days would be suitable for riding, and there was a
mini-sale at the library today, but I had a functioning lamp to
dispose of at the recycle center and it had been a long time since I
went downtown on a weekday.

Yesterday I woke up at nine, and had finished dressing at 11:49.
Shortly after I passed the bridge, I turned around, put on my
windbreaker, and made a second start at 11:57. Oddly, my
mystery-fiber gloves were sufficient and my mittens stayed in my
insulated pannier. (The un-insulated pannier was full of well-packed

Despite not wearing mittens, I didn't take very good notes. I left
Zale's at 12:30 and left the library at 12:56.

Arrived at the recycle center, unpacked the lamp, walked to the door,
and met a sign saying that they close at 13:00 on Fridays. Carried
the lamp around back in hope that someone was still in; nobody around
except a motor vehicle that arrived to offload into one or more of the
trash bins.

So I re-packed the lamp, having to pull more packing material out of
the bag of bags because some of what had been around the lamp is now
under it.

Bought two tablets of chocolate, left Sherman & Lynn's at 13:43, got
home at 14:11. Having mis-judged a red light, I came home by the
Heritage Trail instead of Park Avenue. Didn't feel like sprinting
past parked cars anyway, said the fox.

Weather Underground says that I can hang out wash on Monday, and
Tuesday will be a good day to try to get rid of the lamp again. With
both Sunday and Monday being sunny with a high of freezing, the
streets should be clean. And Tuesday the high is a tad above
freezing, but the wind will be 11 mph. At least it blows toward home
the whole day.

Pity I didn't write down the hours they are open on other days.

Oops, it doesn't matter. My annual check-up is on Monday, which means
I have to wash on Tuesday, and it's going to snow on Wednesday.

Seems like just last century that I could ride on a snowy road.

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net


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