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Default More Justice Department Hiding

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So, no you weren't aware and need a reference but yes you were aware.
I am never surprised by your statements.

Most people who know even a lttle bit about "cloud seeding" will know
that claiming it affected the weather was at best a dubious long shot.
Somewhere around there is a apaper showeing that "rain dances" have a
greater correlation to the claim of "afffecting the weather".

It is not in the least "dubious" and was actually used by the CIA in the
Vietnam war to mire the North Vietnamese and Cambodians down in mud and
mire. There's no questioned that it worked. There is also no question
that NASA has used cloud seeding to eliminate clouds in order to have
clear weather for space launches.

Yawn, if you cloud seed in an area and time when it s going to rain
naturally, then you can hardly "cloud seeding worked".

Contrails have been blamed for large scale cooling along flight paths
which are growing more and more numerous. These contrails are nothing
more than cumulous clouds. At any moment in the USA there are 3,000
aircraft in the air. And they use the dirtiest of fuel.

And dirty fuel emits particles that water vapour coalesces about. So your
point is?

Of course you can't make blue sky rain. But they could make it rain in places where they wanted the rain to fall when it would normally be falling in
Thailand. Laos and Cambodia would receive the rain so that the
north Vietnamese couldn't travel down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This
prevented attacks from the back side of the dividing line. This ALL
worked. In fact North Vietnam admitted that they were beaten. But
after Lyndon Johnson pulled American Troops out of South Vietnam he
cut all military aid to the South and that gave the North the
advantage again.

Quite simply, you don't know what you are talking about. Firstly, the
so called "Ho Chi Minh Trail" wasn't a "trail" it was a series of
paths, roads and byways, some with considerable improvement including
camp facilities that allowed the Northerners to transport supplies to
their troops in the south using trucks, bicycles, water buffalos, and
human porters.

The idea that "if it rains that won't be able to use the trail" is one
of the more stupid ideas that the U.S. had during the war. The idea
that all movement stops during the monsoon is ludicrous. It would mean
that nothing moved in most of South East Asia for nearly half of each

And proof? Well, I guess that the fact that the North did supply their
people in the South all year round is proof, isn't it? And, even
General Westmoreland stated that he thought there was "no appreciable
increase" in rain from the project.

As for N. Vietnam admitting that they were beaten? I guess you'll have
to prove that as it appears to be just another one of your pipe

I might add that Thailand has since about 1969 has had an official
"cloud seeding" project. The results vary from year to year but
overall the project has not been a resounding success, other than as a
political act to demonstrate the "government's concern" for the

Firstly there were no "road improvements" that anyone in the US would call an improvement - muddy car tracks over a dozen miles are what they were.

Secondly you can't "increase" the amounts of rain by seeding but only have it occur in other areas than it would have fallen.

Thirdly the North Vietnamese surrendered at the Paris Peace Treaty and then because the Democrats wouldn't continue to support the South Vietnamese military and continue air support the North Vietnamese simply ignored the Treaty and the Democrats used that as an election point.

Wow! North Viet Nam surrendered? Who knew? BTW, to whom did they surrender?

-- Jay Beattie.

A friend, who makes a study of such matters, commented that when the
N. Vietnamese came to Paris they took a long term lease on a building
while the Americans rented hotel rooms.

Which perhaps is an indication of who planned on getting their way in
the discussions.


John B.


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