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On Fri, 8 Mar 2019 11:02:13 -0500, Frank Krygowski

What do you know about dyeing shoes?

Very little. There used to be a shoe polish called "Skuff-Kote" or
some similar spelling that did a good job of changing oxblood shoes to
a uniform brown -- which was a surprise to me; there being no oxblood
shoe polish available, I'd been using brown (in those days one
polished shoes every Saturday night) and it didn't change the color
any, but then they got scuffed . . .

There's a bottle of black shoe dye in the laundry room in the same
sort of bottle Skuff-Kote came in -- a sponge on the top, and you
squeeze it against the shoe a couple of times to make the dye start
coming through, then when you are done you hold it under running water
so the dye won't clog up the sponge. It's meant for touching up scuff
marks and faded spots on black shoes, but I used it on the brown soles
of my black sandals and it worked well. But I have to re-apply it now
and again.

I don't know whether shoe dye is still available.

My can of black shoe polish got put away with the lid loose and was
unusable the next time I wanted it. So I confidently went to Owen's
(Kroger) expecting to see it in the pharmacy aisle next to the Dr.
Scholl's innersoles, and it was gone. Haven't seen shoe polish
anywhere else, either, but I haven't been looking desperately hard
because I still have a can of brown, and that waterproofs black shoes
just fine. Not to mention that going out hasn't been a bit of fun the
last few months.

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