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Hollywood, Music, Record Holders Gun for Chicago

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Old January 26th 04, 04:11 PM
Cycle America/Nat. Bicycle Greenway
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Default Hollywood, Music, Record Holders Gun for Chicago

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you
didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail
away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

There is so incredibly much going on behind the scenes this year that
the only way I can keep it all straight, is to document it in
newsletter form. You see we're doing a far bigger ride ride this year
in half the time with nearly twice as many cities. And we're headed for
Chicago this year bringing riders from points north, south, east and
west of the Windy City fueled by musicians, an actresses, a Mayor
rider participant and celebrity cyclists, etc, etc . In the words
below, I will try to capture as much of the excitement as I can, an
overview of which can be found at out 2004 Mayors' Ride schedule:


A) Rapid Transit Bike Shop takes Chicago Sponsorship
B) NBG 2004 Fest to be held at Handlebar Chicago (nation's only bicycle
C) Chicago NBG Day
D) Tour de Chicago Volunteers Needed!!
E) Actress/Bike Champ, Libby Aubrey, Filming NBG Commercial -
Collecting Cyclists
F) Libby filming TV commercial and radio PSA advertisement all of us
can circulate
G) Libby gets Orange County Wheelman and the South Bay Wheelman to ride
140 miles
H) Ask your bike club to join us for a lunch time ride or...
I) Claire Machado & C.A.M. Engine NBG Music Tour
J) The NBG Song
K) Parky's back with a song entitled: "Don't Give up, Parky's song"
L) Jeff Reser creates beautiful 2004 Mayors' Ride logo
M) Put Mayors' Ride Logo at your page: Here's the HTML Code!!
N) Arcata Mayor Bob Ornelas to ride Eugene to Arcata (Maybe More)
O) SimpliCity Cycle Company may include Golden Gate Bridge with
Sausalito to SF leg
P) Lars Clausen* http://onewheel.org TransAm unicyclist may ride Seattle
Q) Gomber http://gomb-er.com Hands Free Bicycle Hydration to Ride Folsom
R) Backsafer to ride Miami to Tampa (to DC)??
S) Reynolds Weld Lab, world's fastest production bike, to ride Boston
to NYC
T) World Record Holder, Steve Stevens, might join High Gear Longmont to
Boulder posse
U) Handcyclist Steve Ackerman may push to Boulder or more
V) Jeff Stephens to power huge Columbus ride again!
W) Rideable Replicas to bring out HI-Wheel bikes again
X) Scott Campbell Rebuilds NBG Store
Y) Mayors' Ride Ambassadors Needed: See the checklist
Z) "Awake Again" becoming an on line book (audio & visual)
AA) VoiceIt for digitizing road notes??
AB) Claire needs Flyers
AC) Couch Bike Comedy in Canada!!

A) One of Chicago's top bike shops, Rapid Transit Cycle Shop at
http://www.rapidtransitcycles.com has agreed to serve as a welcome
harbor for our July 30 arriving cyclists. One of the city's most
respected two ( and three) wheel purveyors, Raptra, as they are known,
is led by the creative and hard working husband and wife team of
Justyna Frank and Chris Stoddard. As well, this is a couple that bikes
their talk. The two of them, even in Chicago's freezing winters, do
almost all their trips on a bicycle! And it is this zeal, that
describes all of the employees who work for them Since we have had a
working relationship with them for a number of years, here at Cycle
America we did their first web, when they heard we were coming to
Chicago, they were very receptive to the idea of helping make the NBG's
visit to Chicago a success!

B) Another house of Chicago fire and the man who convinced us that we
needed to bring this year's ride to the more central part of the US, is
also putting his business behind our effort. Jim Redd, the man who
rode for us in 2002 and in 2003 (his Pocket Mail rides for us and his
Pacific Coast slide show are all linked at our schedule) and did a ton
of important web work for us last year, has offered his place of
business for our Chicago event. The Handlebar Restaurant, the nation's
one and only restaurant with a bicycle as transportation theme, will
host an evening of bicycle fun as per the pro forma press release

C) Here is an as a pro forma press release for Chicago NBG Day of
which adjustments are still being made:

On July 30 cyclists from all over the USA will converge on Chicago for
the 3rd Annual NBG Fest brought to you by the nonprofit Nat Bicycle
Greenway and (an as yet unnamed sponsor). Led off by the Mayors
proclamation ceremony at noon (probably) at Daley Plaza where July 30,
2004 will be made NBG Day in Chicago, later that evening, cyclists
will adjourn to NBG night at the Handlebar Restaurant
http://www.handlebarchicago.com , the nation's first if not only
bicycle restaurant. There an evening of music, booksigning, speaking
and bike movies, even a poetry reading of select poems written for the
NBG over the years which will be read by Chicago bike legend Jim Redd
will all take place (see itinerary) all following the theme, "Celebrate
your Independence from Cars".

D) What follows is a visualization of the group ride that we foresee
for the following day, July 31. In order to make it real, however, we
will need help. Is there anyone on this mailing, in the Chicago area,
who might be able to help us as lay out 20 to 60 mile rides or lead one
or devise cue sheets for them, or promote (flyers, word of mouth, etc)
them, or ..??

On Saturday, the festivities continue with the first ever Tour de
Chicago. A smorgasbord of 4 different easy tours, riders will be able
to select from rides that explore either Chicago culture, its bike
shops, its nature, even its two wheel underground.

Based out of the Handlebar, this fun day of riding will be led off by
a small fair where Rapid Transit bike shop will be performing bike
checks and doing free spot repairs, and the Handlebar will have healthy
food and drink available for those NBG cyclists ready to tour Chicago.
The Tour de Chicago will be led by seasoned bike veterans from the
famed Windy City.

E) Southern California, a new addition to our Mayors' Ride is fully
coming alive thanks to an unstoppable actress/businesswoman/bike
champion named Libby Aubrey (http://www.libbyaubrey.com). Based out of
Rancho Palos Verdes, a suburb of Los Angeles, Libby is creating a ton
of excitement for our ride. And she is making her beauty, her
brilliance and her networks available to us for the youth that fuel so
much of the passion that electrifies her life. It is here that, in and
amongst all of the many many worlds that demand attention from her,
Libby also runs a nonprofit organization called the School of Champions
(http://www.libbyaubrey.com/champion/...fchampions.htm), a school
without walls that has bicycle racing at its epicenter. And it is here
through the coaches and mentors and sponsors, etc that she is able to
involve in teaching this sport that she gives kids wholesome activity
as they also learn the values and discipline needed to become winners
in life.

F) And for the sport/activity she uses to empower her kids, Libby is
filming a 30 second TV commercial as well as recording a 10 second
radio PSA advertisement that describes our Mayors' Ride. And she will
produce it such that all of of the Ambassadors (described in Y below)
in each of our Mayoral cities will be able to disseminate it amongst
their local media. A commercial worth tens of thousands of dollars, it
will be available to anyone who wants to use it for their Mayors' Ride
city for the price of a blank video cassette and UPS shipping
charges!! I will make sure to let you know when it is soon complete!!

G) And for bicycling for the kids, Libby has already interested two
bike clubs, the Orange County Wheelman and the South Bay Wheelman in
carrying the NBG torch a grand total of 140 miles in her southern part
of the state. Yahoooo!!

H) Besides the mob of cyclists that Jeff Stephens is brining to
Columbus city Hall once again this year (as described in V below) what
other bike clubs want to be a part of this year's ride? If you belong
to one, see if you can interest your club's ride director in staging a
lunchtime ride (a few miles, even a few blocks, or more, we just want
bodies out there) to the Mayors' Reception in your city!!

I) We are blessed this year with the services of another beautiful
female spirit. Claire Machado, also stunning and captivating, who like
Libby is a performer, blessed with a razor sharp mind, is coming, with
her band C.A.M. Engine (http://www.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/Cam_Engine)
from LA to Chicago. In a motor home. As an aside, being Car Free myself
does not mean I am against internal combustion. By not owning a car, I
try to show how full and rich one's life can be in the absence of motor
vehicles. And I will be the first to admit that cars and trucks and
buses do work that bikes never could. Like transporting musical
instruments, sound equipment and a team of musicians themselves from
one city to the next. And that is what Claire will be doing as she and
her musicians go ahead of our riders to let the people in these areas
know that we are coming.

C.A.M. Engine will finance their tour by selling their CD at the
performances they will have scheduled in the clubs and halls they will
perform at in and around our Mayors' Ride cities. And it is here that
radio and TV will be additionally compelled to, besides Libby's
commercial, talk about our arrival. You see, the C.A.M. Engine CD will
be about the possibility consciousness that our National Bicycle
Greenway is all about. Besides the NBG Song (talked about in J below)
that Claire is finalizing, she also renamed one of her songs forJim
Wetherel as you will see in K below.

More about Claire's excitement as it all unfolds, but do also know that
Cliare and her motor home will serve as an anchor for our riders once
they hit most of our Mayors' Ride cities west of Chicago. And it is
here that, for our arriving riders, a shower can be had, computer and
fax access, if Claire can work out all the details, can be enjoyed and
possible mail package receipts and send aheads can be facilitated.

J) I saw a draft of the NBG song that many of you helped Cliare with
ideas for and the words alone are going to be much celebrated. Add
Claire's lyrics and her voice and whoaa, will it move lots of energy!!

K) Indomitable Parkinson's Survivor, Jim Wetherell, aka Parky at
http://www.inevergiveup.org , is coming back for more riding. Only
this time with a song!! Claire Machado dedicated the song entitled
"Crossing this Bridge" to Parky. It is an awesome song about tenacity
and determination and the chorus has these lyrics..

"Don't give up, one more day, just one more hour..
Don't give up or else it will devour, devour you.. "

She is changing the name to "Don't give up (Parky's song)". To hear it,
go to:


But do be patient, even with broadband, it takes a few minutes to
download. And yet it will be worth the wait. I am not often moved by
music but this will not only knock you out but it will also give you a
taste of the killer music that C.A.M. Engine will be bringing on tour
with us this summer!!

L) Jeff Reser, the man who with his brother rode Chicago to Des Moines
last year and who before he left created a beautiful logo for the
Andrew Heckman fund as well as a stunning logo for last year's 2003
Mayors' Ride, outdid himself this year. He not only changed the date to
2004 for this year's logo, but he made use of colors and other special
effects to truly make the image explode off of the screen. It's at our
Mayors' Ride schedule as well as the Cycle America home page
http://www.bikeroute.com . Do take a look and see if U don't agree that
this is epic stuff

M) And if you want to embellish your own web site with Jeff's
beautiful art as you also help us get the Mayors' Ride known about,
here is the HTML code for Mayors' Ride Logo/Link:

a href="http://www.BikeRoute.com/NationalMayorsRide2004"img

a href="http://www.BikeRoute.com/NationalMayorsRide2004"img

Please feel free to use it at your site!!

N) While last year marked the first coast to coast Mayors' Ride, THX
to Jim Muellner
(http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide/JimMuellner), this year
will mark the fist ever Mayor riding a complete relay leg. Last year
Acrata Mayor rode Skot Paschal (our famous Pocket Mail poet who is
also probably coming back) into town, from 40 or so miles out, to
Arcata NBG Day
(http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.c...ery/Arcata2003), while this
year Bob is going to take on the Eugene to Arcata leg. And, he tells
me, if can create per diem sponsor support and if there are not any
Mayoral fires he can't fight from the road, he may even bike all the
way to the San Francisco Bay Area and all of our receptions there!!!
What's powerful here is that Bob is not only a real bullets cyclist,
but he is passionate about using his political influence to make the
way easier for those of us on two wheels. And he has the networks and
an understanding of the process to really be able to make a lot of
noise for our effort. He and I are scheduled to meet in a few hours
this Monday!!! I much look forward to that!!

O) When bike legend, Joe Breezer, of SimpliCity Cycle Company
(http://www.breezerbikes.com) got word that Bob was going to ride and
got a taste of Bob's passion for effecting change in this regard, he
wasted no time getting a hold of him. On the letter to Bob on which Joe
placed me on the cc, he explained the direction that his company is now
moving in, from recreation bikes to transportation bikes. Joe talked
about how too few elected officials understand the tremendous power
the bicycle has to solve a lot of the problems cities are facing with
congestion and other woes brought on by the automobile. Seeing Joe's
fire, I invited him and his company to help us bring in a ride across
the Golden Gate Bridge by sponsoring a new relay leg from his factory
in Sausalito to our Mayors' Ride reception in San Francisco. He's
interested!! As we work out the details, I will keep you posted!!

P)* Lars Clausen* http://onewheel.org who has unicycled across America
and been in all 50 US states on one wheel recently got back to me. A
couple days before Christmas, I had introduced him at our blog as per
http://www.bikeroute.com/Recumbents/...es/000028.html . And
when he recently replied with a thank you, it dawned on me that we
should ask him to do a part of our Mayors' Ride as a way to get this
story out there and as a way for him to help us. I will ask him this
week and I'll let you know what I hear back! NOTE: Today's Mark Twain
quote came from Lars' web site!

Q) When Claire Machado discovered that the League of American
Bicyclists was honoring
Folsom CA as a top US bike city as per this news release that she
found, http://www.bicyclefriendlycommunity....ess_folsom.htm , I
asked Jack Martin, the triathelte and inventor of the Hands Free
Bicycle Hydration system called the Gomber http://gomb-er.com if he
would like to sponsor Folsom. I knew that Gomber was based out of
Folsom and that it was in the scorching heat of their summers there
that Jack had come up with the idea for his patented water drinking
system that gets the liquid off of your back. Well he not only agreed
to adopt that relay leg but he is also going to ride the 37-mile Davis
to Folsom distance and invites others to join him. Do get a look at
this new addition to our schedule:
http://www.BikeRoute.com/NationalMay.../#Anchor-43793 !!

R) The exciting, collapsible Backsafer recumbent bicycle
(http://Backsafer.com), raffled off at many of of our NBG benefits is
now finally here in America available for sale. Long time readers of
our mailings will remember this bike as soon to be in production but in
need of a few more design tweaks. Well now that it is being sold
commercially, they want to show America how well it rides. And it looks
like they will be able to get a rider team to do just that for the
Miami to Tampa relay leg. I will let you know when we can soon announce
that they will as well be riding with us!!

S) George Reynolds inventor of the world's fastest production bikes,
the Reynolds Weld Lab speed machines (http://reynoldsweldlabs.com) has
agreed to sponsor the Boston to New York City relay leg. And he may do
the same island hopping run I did when I made that connection at the
end of my 1986 TransAm. As such then he may take the ferry to Cape Cod
and ride it south to the Post Road on the mainland where he will pick
up the ferry at Bridgeport, CT. It will take him to Long Island where
he will ride down to New York City. Of note, it was on the Cape that I
birthed the idea of a National Bicycle Greenway as I rode a reconverted
rail path almost the length of the island. It was here that found
myself wondering the whole way why, if we could go to the moon, why we
could not somehow create a coast to coast bike connection. And I've not
stopped pushing for such a through way since......

T) Thanks to Greg Barron of Rideable Replicas talked about below, I was
able to once again make contact with Steve Stevens
(http://www.brekus.org/wheelmen/goldenoldy ) the world record holder
whose picture dominates our Cycle America 2000 report
(http://www.bikeroute.com/CycleAmeric...000Report.html). In 2000
Steve led our ride parade after he had just ridden a Hi-Wheeler from
San Francisco to Boston in a world record time of 29 days as per
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/G...ikeamerica.htm !! Steve
lives in the Boulder CO area and just this last Friday, I asked him if
he would like to join us once again as a part of Buzz Feldman's High
Gear Cyclery, 15-mile ride to Boulder. Last year Jim Muellner led
nearly two dozen cyclists from Longmont to Boulder and Buzz expects
even more this year!!

U) Also in the Boulder area is another celebrity cyclist who may join
us. Handcyclist Steve Ackerman has expressed interest in joining our
ride. Not sure if he wants to take on some of the nearby Rockies or a
shorter ride, say the Longmont to Boulder leg, but I know this man has
no limits. His arm powered ride around the world stands as a record
that will likely remain long unbroken!! I'll be sure to let you know
what Steve comes up with!!

V) Jeff Stephens tells us that he will bring out the two wheel crowds
for another huge Columbus ride! Last year, this man who himself biked
across the US in the Race Across America as per
(http://www.pacelineproducts.com/resultsfolder/bubba.htm), brought a
virtual procession of cyclists to Columbus city hall. Yahooo Jeff. And
they call him Bubba because he is one huge man with an even huger

W) The Rideable Replicas people say they will be back for our Berkeley
to Oakland relay. On their show stopping Hi-Wheel bikes!! Talk about
excitement. Everyone stops when they ride by. And the bikes Rideable
Replicas makes indeed are epic machines from yesteryear. Surprisingly
affordable, if you need to get attention for your event, I suggest you
visit them at their web site: http://highwheel.com to see how you can
own one of your own.

X) Scott Campbell has been behind the scenes quite busy with matters
NBG. Besides all of the other ways he makes life easier for us here at
NBG Central, he also recently redressed the NBG Store button. If you go
to the Cycle America home page http://www.bikeroute.com , you will see
what I mean. It tells people that once they go inside that the
inexpensive, quality merchandise we have for sale to get the NBG word
out there is equally as attractive. The link for our store is:


Y) We are looking for Mayors' Ride Ambassadors. And it is toward that
end with the help of Ro Fischer of the Pittsburgh Mayor's office and
Lorna Davros in the Des Moines Mayor's office and others, we now have
an easy to follow checklist that, if used, WILL assure that your city
is much celebrated as a part of our 2004 Mayors' Ride! The checklist is


Z) Thanks to Faye Saunders and her friends at Apple Computer, my book
"Awake Again" (http://www.bikeroute.com/AwakeAgain) is going digital!!
It is becoming an on line book that you soon will be able to just
download and read without having to go through the US Mail!! You won't
get a signed copy but still Yahoooo!!

AA) When I get my VoiceIt in the mail, I will let you know how it
works. Before I buy the full blown version that takes one's voice notes
and turns them into words that the computer recognizes, I want to see
how much I use it while I am riding! If you don't want to wait for me,
you can go to:

txtsearchParamCat=5&btnSearch.x=16&btnSearch.y=11& txtsearchParamType=ALL
&iLevel=1&txtsearchParamMan=ALL&txtsearchParamVen= ALL&txtFromSearch=from
Search&digitalrecorders=yes&l2=digitalrecorders&na vsub=1

In perfect world, there is someone out there who can tell us if this
miraculous technology really works!! Anyone had any experience with

AB) Are there any graphic artists out there who can help Claire get
flyers together that she can run in each of our NBG Mayors' Ride cities
to announce that she is playing in consort with our City Hall events?
Also as a means to attract cyclists and people to our receptions?

AC) Last November, Parky , forwarded a hysterical short story (complete
with pictures). that I put at our recumbent blog:*
http://www.bikeroute.com/Recumbents/...es/000011.html . Do be
prepared to laugh as it is as funny as it is well written!!

MARTIN KRIEG "Awake Again" Author c/o BikeRoute.com
79 & 86 TransAms, nonprofit Nat. Bicycle Greenway CEO

Ever wanted anything so bad U were willing to die for it?
Really die? By moving thru clinical death and reversing
paralysis, *I was God* when I answered that question.

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