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"Liquid Drive" bike prototype at auction

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Old December 2nd 03, 02:28 AM
Tom Sherman
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Default Recumbent bikes (was: "Liquid Drive" bike prototype at auction)

Carl Fogel wrote:

Dear Tom,

Am I right in thinking that the zippered armhole
in the picture is the faint, dark, descending
curve that goes across your upper arm?

I added armholes after this picture was taken. Armhole slits are
generally very close to horizontal.

And come to think of it, how do you get into
it? It doesn't look as if you could seat yourself
and then pull it back over your head or forward,
so maybe it's stretchy enough to pull up and
get in from the side? Or does the zipper along
the top let you step in from the top?

Entry is from the side - kneel by the bike, duck head under side of
sock, stand up inside sock, lift leg over frame, sit down, zip up.
Egress may be aided by temporarily disconnecting the sock at one of the
lower rear corners.

Do you have a web page for this kind of body
sock? Experience suggests that I'll end up with
hundreds of women wearing leotards while bicycling
if I try to search for it myself.

This is the company that manufacturers bodysocks for Easy Racers (and a
few other bikes).

Tom Sherman - Planet Earth
Old December 2nd 03, 04:06 AM
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Default Odd bikes

Sorni wrote:

"Werehatrack" wrote in message
On 29 Nov 2003 13:50:12 GMT,
may have said:

Why are tandems more popular in some places while not in others?

This year I've spotted 2 recumbents, 3 upright trikes, 1 folding
bike in the wild (only counting sightings in Finland). Don't
recall seeing a tandem ever.

Tandem bikes are not common in the USA either.

I swear I saw no less than *five* tandems on my solo coastal ride here in
San Diego yesterday (Sunday afternoon), including TWO RECUMBENTS!!! (Pretty
sure they weren't same one spotted twice, as directions were different.)
Kinda weird...

Bill "felt sorta lonely after a while" S.

Sorry to be a bore...
Take a ride on the Galloping Goose Trail in and around Victoria BC .
You will see tandems on any fine day. They may be a bit hard to spot,
hidden as they are within the throngs of "regular" bikes.

Old December 3rd 03, 05:12 AM
John Foltz
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Default Recumbent bikes

Vincent Wilcox wrote:

John Foltz wrote:

Vincent Wilcox wrote:

I went for a ride with a local cycling group on a local loop with a
varied route, ie. getting off the road at points. We kept having to
wait for the groups recumbent rider to catch up as he rode the
longer road route because it was impossible for him to lift his bike
over fences and ride on some bumpy offroad track. I imagine he only
did it to increase his mileage.

It sounds like your ride was almost a cyclocross event in places.
Definitely not a good venue for a bike that is essentially meant for
roads only. There is very little public land around here for doing
that stuff, so rather than trespass we stick to the pavement.

It wasn't by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps he was a wimp
recumbent rider?

I don't know much about cyclocross, but by your own admission it
wasn't entirely a road ride. There's nothing wrong with wanting to
stay on the pavement. I gave up offroad when I came to the
conclusion that I couldn't keep shoveling parts into my mountain
bike fast enough. It was fun (but expensive) while it lasted, though.


John Foltz --- O _
Baron --- _O _ V-Rex 24 --- _\\/\-%)
_________(_)`=()___________________(_)= (_)_____

Old December 3rd 03, 05:41 AM
Fabrizio Mazzoleni
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Default Recumbent bikes

David Reuteler wrote in message m...
In rec.bicycles.tech Kevan Smith wrote:
: That's crazy talk! You're a road racer, not a fred with a beer belly. What would
: Fabrizzio do? That's the motto ....

ryan has long since lost the plot. poor dumb *******.

Dave, I'm not sure what you're meaning there about fab, but we have
determined that bents are pretty much a Non-Event these days.

Was out on some long offseason training sessions over that last month
and you know what?, never saw any of those darn bent thingys out on
the road!

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