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Getting Bike Lanes - LONG was Bracelets for Bike Lanes?

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Old April 22nd 05, 07:10 PM
The Wogster
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Default Getting Bike Lanes - LONG was Bracelets for Bike Lanes?

donquijote1954 wrote:

I reduced this to just r.b.m as it fits there best.....

Driver in extrawide double-wheeled pikckup truck exclaims: "Gee, how
nice they thought of us in making wider curb lanes. I'm going to vote
Republican again."

As I see it, there are 6 possible solutions..

1) Wider curb lanes, problem, many car drivers would get lost in the
wider lane, bicycle riders would still be considered "fresh meat"....

2) Separate narrow lanes, these would be a half lane wide, it runs the
length of the road, it has lines that mark it for no lane changes except
at corners, where signs caution vehicles to yield to through traffic.
This would need to be in addition to, not instead of sidewalks. In
essence a bike lane, but not identified specifically as such. Could
also be used by motorcycles, which would find it easier to deal with
bicycles then cagers.....

3) Increase gasoline taxes, to discourage auto trips that are not
needed, there could be a system where business fleet owners (more then a
certain number of vehicles) could get a break on the tax. Hard on the
independant contractor, but would probably lead to co-operatives and
such to get the required number of vehicles to be considered a fleet.
Could result in 4 soccer moms banding together in a business, but it's
better to have 4 then 28 cars on the road......

4) Ban the gasoline engine. Would need to be over a length of time, to
give suppliers time to come up with a viable alternatitive. Would need
to be followed up with a ban on diesel oil as well, could be replaced
with something like biodiesel, doesn't completely solve the pollution
problem though..... Does nothing about traffic issues.

5) Legislative requirements that commercial parking areas dedicate a
certain percentage of parking spots to bicycle use. Just as there is a
requirement that they have a certain percentage of disabled parking
spots, require that a certain percentage of spots be for bicycle use.
These would be narrower, shorter, and have a rack that a bicycle can be
locked into. Like disabled parking, these would need to be as near
entrances as possible, not so far from the door you need to bike to get
to the stores from the bike parking area. The percentage could be
exceeded or increased based on bike use. I assume that many paid
parking areas would quickly come up with bike rates, that are
reasonable, after all you can get 4 bikes into a spot big enough for a
car...... If there are always plenty of bike spots and no automotive
spots, people going for small items, or for "window" shopping would be
just as likely to take the bike, then the car.....

6) combine any or all of the above.....


"And who the hell are you tell Americans what to eat or what to buy?
Patrick Henry said Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Liberty means
buying whatever car I want and eating a nice 36oz Porterhouse steak
with a twice baked potatoe with bacon and cheese, wild mushrooms sauted
in double butter not some choice steak from Sam's Club but a steak that
costs $60.00 from my butcher. A nice shrimp cocktail made with fresh
shrimp and a nice Merlot from a local Virginia vineyard. I am lucky
high cholesterol doesn't run in my family. I take my old pickup truck
with the 429 crate engine to pick it up and put all kinds of CO2 and
NOX in the air. Freedom of choice dolphin. This is why we live in the
US not France, Germany or Canada or even the UK."



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