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Bu****e soldiers beat to death innocent Children to 'let offsteam' - Support Our Demands For Open Communications - Unraveling the Mystery- you can not find a single soldier on Earth to publicly support George W Bushwithout immediately being recog

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Old April 8th 08, 08:31 PM posted to alt.politics.bush,alt.masonic,rec.bicycles.misc,alt.war.iraq
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Default Bu****e soldiers beat to death innocent Children to 'let offsteam' - Support Our Demands For Open Communications - Unraveling the Mystery- you can not find a single soldier on Earth to publicly support George W Bushwithout immediately being recog

On Apr 8, 3:28*pm, wrote:
Bu****e soldiers beat to death innocent Children to 'let off steam'http://youtube.com/watch?v=fxi5kxzx3V0&feature=related

We, as Humanity, will hunt every last bu****e
demon down for death to defend our loved children, for,
a TRUE Love for GOD never dies. Demand these enemies
of Life be destroyed for freedom to be all we can be.
Death to the bu****e, death to the enemies of Mankind.


King Johnny Wizard - Shareware Earth Co.




/ / Two American-registered drug planes busted in Mexico
carrying four and 5.5 tons of cocaine are just the "tip of the
iceberg" in a blockbuster aviation deal which sold 50
American-registered aircraft to the Sinaloa Cartel

[..] the FBI executed a search warrant at the house of the No.
3 official in the Central Intelligence Agency, Kyle "Dusty
Foggo, soon to go on trial for corruption with accomplice
Brent Wilkes. \ \

for dealing in TONS of COCAINE shipped to America, to
additionally, pump the prison market with life term prison
sentences on simple grams bag possessions.


Support Our Demands For Open Communications

CNN News Special: Autism - Unraveling the Mysteryhttp://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/studentnews/04/01/transcript.wed/

CNN "We've learned so much this week."

Support my demands for US to arrest CNN, CBC, CTV, and the BBC
news producers, for consciously forbidding American families
from knowing, scientifically, mercury causes brain damage to
YOUR child, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time. *The criminal
charge is "endangering children". *Please, do not except CNN's
zionist enemy LIARS of Christ who would send your teen to DIE
in a causeless war for stolen profit - (who routinely refuse
OUR concerns,) do not know this while disallowing Americans to
survive their continual criminal assaults against our being
without apology. *Time to pull up on the talk transmitter, to
make demand as America, to take these calls for liberty from
tyranny, against those corporate nazi news buyer liars. *I
want to guest host on the Coast to Coast radio network to take
open line calls to bring about Justice for Our forsaken
Worlds. *Make it happen for yourselves as worthy our praise.

Boston Globe PROVED the election was RIGGEDhttp://www.ronpaulwarroom.com/?p=941

Ask yourself, why do you think Dr. Paul refuses to demand a
fair election? *He certainly has the donated money for
something about changing things for the better by counting.
People! *can you spare me some money to help my real rise for
freedom through Justice by demanding a 911 investigation
including building seven?..and General Ahmad being brought to
public trial with the neocons for treason? *Treason against
Civilization. *$25 sure could go along way in building The
Media Empire, of King Johnny Wizard's, Shareware Earth Co..
as presently considered. *Be Human, support Johnny Wizard.


Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura Goes Public On 9/11 Truthhttp://prisonplanet.com/audio/020408ventura.mp3


The Golden Rule - A Man Takes a Stand



Overcoming Zionism
- a special feature interview with Joel Kovel by Revolution

/ / when you gain such a [zionist enemy] state through
violence and illegal means, you then have to make it seem
legitimate. *And the best way of doing that is to claim that
you are conquering an inferior people who weren't entitled to
full human rights, or who are barbarians, who are not
civilized, or who are terrorists by nature. *In any event, it
involves imposing a kind of degraded human nature to the
people you are displacing and conquering, and that's the
essence of racism. Racism plays out in the entire history of
the state of Israel, which entails a continuous project of
ethic cleansing and the racist reaction to that, which seeps
throughout Israeli society as a whole.

Revolution: What about critics who say that criticism of the
state of Israel is anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic?

Kovel: There is no a priori reason for equating the two. \ \

This is ourselves becoming self aware of our circumstances.

Everyone Human hates the bu****e who murders our families
indiscriminately while chanting 'whore yea whore yea' all
for zionist Bush, the capital false accuser, the real
ungodly antichrist enemy of all Human Life.


The Son of Man,

Johnny Wizard





Top Bush Administration officials pressured underlings to use torture
tactics at Guantanamohttp://rawstory.com/news/2008/Highlevel_members_of_Administration_pre...

Of [demonic bu****e terrorist sadists] Guantanamo
interrogators: *"You could almost see their dicks getting hard
as they got new ideas."


The Dungeon of Fallujah -- Upgradedhttp://www.michaeltotten.com/archives/2008/03/the-dungeon-of-1.php

/ / [innocent] Prisoners [of godless bu****e enemy] had to supply
their own food or starve. \ \

To kill a lawless bu****e nazi savage, is to love God as the
innocent of Humanity.

CNN, and CBC are enemies of Civilization, to forbid US in
knowing, the neocon traitors did the crimes of 911 with
General Ahmad to con our kids to die for tyranny as.

"Taliban fighters are guilty of nothing but standing in defense
of the innocent victims of 911."

Canada's Mission in Afghanistan - March, 2008

John Manley - Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance
- Chair, Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan

"The Taliban may have been a lot of things, but they weren't corrupt"

- speaking on bu****e nazi forces abusing women and children,
oppression Christians, stealing humanitarian aid, pushing
heroin, and denying our children an education on who is TRULY
good or evil. *All the while, bombing our families
indiscriminately as the demon antichrist forces responsible
for the crimes of 911 in New York City. *Bu****e of the nazi
air forces are enemies of Freedom for Americans. *See the
bu****e, bill the bu****e for We, the People, is the truth,
the light, the way. *A bu****e nazi soldier who refuses to
phone Coast to Coast talk radio to demand Americans support
the public arrest of General Ahmad who financed the terror
attacks of 911, is an enemy worth billing to defend our dying
freedoms held in contempt by censorship. *You can not find a
single soldier on Earth to publicly support ...

read more

how many times are you gona post the same copypasta?

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