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Old October 16th 17, 06:23 PM posted to rec.bicycles.tech
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On Friday, October 13, 2017 at 7:06:17 AM UTC-7, jbeattie wrote:
On Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 5:26:13 PM UTC-7, John B. wrote:
On Thu, 12 Oct 2017 09:09:32 -0700, Jeff Liebermann

On Thu, 12 Oct 2017 11:37:08 +0100, Steffo

I read an interesting article that sooner or later we will not only use
driveless cars as means of transportation, but also 70% of people will
prefer to live in driveless homes http://tinyurl.com/yangl6pa rather
than buy expensive condos/houses.

Yep. If it moves, is road legal, and can be computerized, it can be
automated to drive itself. Just keep the mobile home moving so that
it never needs to find a parking space. Progress blunders onward.

Just one problem. The road infrastructure that the US built during
the 1930's depression, and again during the cold war, is falling
apart. Roads are designed to last about 25 years and bridges about 50
years. The better built freeways, maybe also 50 years. The whole
concept of driverless cars assumes the existence and maintenance of
smooth, clean, pot hole free, and safe highways. By the time
driverless cars are perfected and the Luddites have been exterminated,
the cost of replacing and repairing the highways will probably reach
the crisis point. The car of the future might just be a 4x4 with an
articulated suspension, designed to make it's way over the rubble that
was once our freeway and highway system.

And given the (would one say "normal"?) population growth in the U.S.
the roads will be long parking lots :-)

And apart from the number of cars, the number of delivery trucks is skyrocketing because of e-commerce. https://www.citylab.com/transportati...e-boom/523671/ Truck traffic on the interstates is staggering. I don't know if it is due to the the collapse of the railroads, population increase, e-commerce or all of the above. There are way too many trucks on the highways. Cargo needs to be moved more efficiently.

I had to run a car errand yesterday -- about two miles across downtown to an area of mixed business and high density housing. I could have ridden my bike the same distance five times in the time it took me to get there in a car. Incroyable. It is long past the time to move -- but I don't know where.

-- Jay Beattie.

Do you judge that to be from e-commerce or just a jump in all commerce?

BTW - I filed a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner of California. Do you suppose anything will come of that?
Old October 18th 17, 03:14 PM posted to rec.bicycles.tech
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I am fortunate, I escaped as Boone, leapfrogging ahead of NYC/Metro of from the 19C hay fields onto Pennsylvania's farmlands n woods with a sidetrip to village Atlanta.

We could drive to Miami in the 442 alone or weekdays tour N. GA alone on the 360. Going north a kudzu halfway across the road. Coming back the stalk crossed intact. We stopped to chat.

Gone. I lived my life escaping the sprawl. Now watching the sunrise at Organ Pipe NM.

But Ima motorhead since Sam Hanks n Pop Mech. Its genetic. The entire deal is painful. Miami's golden sands are gone replaced by asphalt.

The system no longer functions. Negative..

Commuters, we're escapee stuck in the commuter stage, will not pool or ride pubtrans soooooooo... we arrive at electric cars. The same system different device no disruption.

Is this a move away from Negative ? The device goes lighter ... like a 700hp hybrid Porsche where development of the 1 liter electric commuter lags behind ?

Centralizes emissions to a controlled area. Controlled by Rump Congress of thieves real estate n insurance flacks.

The Costin Maserati doesn't look like it did back then. I weep. Its like DDT

Old October 18th 17, 09:50 PM posted to rec.bicycles.tech
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