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How Ed Dolan and Mike Vandeman came to dominate their newsgroups

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Old June 28th 06, 07:26 AM posted to alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent,rec.bicycles.soc,rec.bicycles.misc
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Default How Ed Dolan and Mike Vandeman came to dominate their newsgroups

"JimmyMac" wrote in message
Thanks for validating what I said of you in the past ... Ed Dolan has
little more than ARBR from which to derive meaning in his life. The
Usenet newsgroup (particularly ARBR) has assumed an exaggerated
prominence in his hierarchical order of relevance. The Usenet
newsgroup (particularly ARBR) has emerged as the source from which he
garners his sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. Regardless of
his opinion of the readership, without the lifeblood of the Usenet
newsgroup audience to sustain him, Ed Dolan has nothing and is
nothing. What a pathetic shallow existence. Pity the cantankerous,
misguided, quintessential fool. It must really suck to be head
swollen ... HEAD Dolan.

Jim McNamara

Edward Dolan wrote:

Here is Jim yet once more expressing all those doubts about himself.
It is really too bad he cannot go forth into the world like Ed Dolan
the Great, oblivious to all but himself. I stopped checking my
credentials with others by the time I was out of my teens, but
apparently some guys just never get out of their teens.

Jim is into nothing but gobbledygook. He has always been that way. But it
good to see one turkey (Chris) recognize another turkey (Jim).

What a lame comeback ... brain-dead. Is that the best you can do???
Ed Dolan is intoxicated by his own cerebral flatulence. His screeds
(read Gospels according to St. Edward) are legendary. A pretentious
purveyor of disinformation, Ed employs cyclical, incoherent rhetoric to
advocate his own personal agenda. He subscribes to the mistaken notion
that the readership savors his prosaic prefunctory prattle whereas in
reality the only person who values what the man says is the man saying
it. Ed is a pedant who is enraptured by his own vacuous gibberish.

Not bad gobbledygook coming from a turkey, huh Ed??? Chris Foster,
GaryG, Bill Baka and cc are just a few of the many who have come to
know you for what and who you are. Your reputaton as ARBR's
quintessential TROLL will forever be your legacy. You can take leave
of us now. Can't do it can you? After all, Usenet is your life. How
sick is that???

It appears the Jim may soon approach my own high standards of literary
accomplishment. But he will have to drop some of the superfluous verbiage
which goes nowhere and is highly redundant. What is really required is more

Jim, in case you do not know it, Bill Baka is what I think of as a turnip.
In short, he is a peasant. GaryG is a very funny fellow indeed. He is just
another fornicator who would like to justify his fornications. But that sort
of thing does not fly with Saint Edward the Great. CC is also into nothing
but sexual innuendo and is therefore scarcely human.

Chris Foster is a former Marine and has Ph.D. in electrical engineering from
the University of Illinois. He is a very sad case as he can't decide whether
to revert to being a Marine grunt or to strive to behave like a scholar and
a gentleman. You will note that he does not know whether he is coming or
going. But it seems I have that effect on almost everyone on these
confounded newsgroups, ever the province of idiots, assholes and jerks.


Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
Saint Edward the Great - Order of the Perpetual Sorrows - Minnesota


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