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I finally get it: If GW is not man-made, then God is punishingus with it

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Old February 12th 10, 07:41 PM posted to alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent,rec.bicycles.misc,rec.bicycles.soc,misc.consumers.frugal-living
Edward Dolan
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Default I finally get it: If GW is not man-made, then God is punishing us with it

"jeff" wrote in message
Edward Dolan wrote:
"jeff" wrote in message
Edward Dolan wrote:
"jeff" wrote in message

You cannot avoid the liberal media since it is everywhere.
The media is all corporate owned. Not so liberal.

It is liberal no matter who owns it.

Spoke by a man wearing blinders. I saw a distinct shift.

GE owns MSNBC and it is extremely liberal without any question.

Glenn Beck's daily shows are like college seminars. You can learn a lot
by following him.
Except so much is flat out wrong, and you never know because he won't
tell you.

Glenn Beck is very open and above board. There is no deception about him
at all. He wants to take the country back to its origins in the
Constitution. I don't go along with that, but still it is interesting to
hear this view expressed with intelligence and passion.

Fine, just don't confuse entertainment with news.

No reason why analysis of the news cannot also be entertaining.


Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
Saint Edward the Great - Order of the Perpetual Sorrows - Minnesota

Old December 8th 14, 11:14 PM posted to rec.bicycles.misc
[email protected]
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Default I finally get it: If GW is not man-made, then God is punishing uswith it

On Tuesday, February 2, 2010 6:02:42 AM UTC-8, jeff wrote:

We are way warmer than anytime in the last million years.

Even today the mean global temperature is lower then the 1200-1400's period..

A good bit higher, and ice core data is fairly close. The relationship
between CO2 and the greenhouse effect is well established. Other gasses,
like methane, have larger GH potential, but they exist in much smaller
quantities and do not persist anywhere near as long.

The ice core data is a farce. CO2 moves about easily enough in ice that the ice density is about all that the CO2 curves demonstrate.

In fact it is impossible to add 40% CO2 to the atmosphere and not have

In fact CO2 has no effect on mean global temperature. The emission spectrum of the Sun has a gap in the CO2 absorbance range. What's more H2O which is ten thousand times more abundant covers that entire absorbance spectrum making the levels of CO2 moot.

It's all about global averages. Do you really think that global
warming says that the earth warms uniformly, each year. In fact 2009 was
near (some say tied for) the warmest year on record, and for the
southern hemisphere, the warmest.

Naturally occurring warm period have never been explained and they generally last for a couple of hundred years. It has been about 120 years since this warm period started and so we can probably expect it to last another 80 years or so. But since we cannot explain what causes them we cannot predict when they will end.

Plants fed increased CO2 grow larger but have less nutritional value. A
net loss.

So you're a farmer now are you? The earth surface is cover 80% with water. And the CO2 is either allowed to change by something that interferes with plankton growth or the plankton growth is accelerated due to increased CO2 growth. There are lagging periods of this that are also unexplained.

Warming the poles changes the steering currents of the jet stream,
leading to more erratic and extreme weather.

What warming of the poles? Presently there has been 19 years without any warming. Since 20 years ago there was an El Nino that caused a sharp warming spike that year and offset the data were you to reduce that to a normal warm year it would be 26 years. And El Ninos are weather events and not climate events.

The arguments against global warming are of the same type, to cloud
and confuse, as those used against the smoking/cancer link. Or against
seat belt use (too costly), or so may others.

There have been over 5,000 papers published on the subject and the True Believers have cherry picked about a dozen out of that 5,000 and used those to produce their theories. No ONE single prediction from this group has ever been even close to their claims.

What we do is another matter, but the link is clear. Only those who
believe in fairy tales, like Intelligent Design or Trickle Down
Economics, disbelieve.

It turns out that the 97% of all scientists who KNOW that Climate Change is happening turns out to be, according to a Harvard study, a little less that that. 65% of climatologists believe that not only is climate change normal but that they do not believe that man CAN effect it.

Well, tell us what you've done in the 4 or 5 years since your posting - did you stop driving? Did you stop using store food grown by energy intensive farming methods? Have you stopped heating and lighting your home? Are you only riding old steel one speed bikes? Or are you just a hypocrite like all of the True Believers.

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