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Please don't help so much

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Old July 3rd 12, 04:00 PM posted to rec.bicycles.tech,rec.bicycles.misc,rec.bicycles.soc
Frank Krygowski[_3_]
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Default Please don't help so much

Wes Groleau wrote:
On 07-02-2012 11:43, Frank Krygowski wrote:
I've heard people say that local truckers and long haul truckers are
very different in their behavior. I think that may be true. I've never
ever been hassled by anyone driving a semi-trailer rig, but I have
occasionally gotten grief from large dump trucks.

The only person that ever honked at me was the semi-driver I recently
mentioned. I have been yelled at two or three times by ignorant people
in passenger cars. But for the most part, motorists are reasonable.
The most common expression of displeasure seems to be flooring it when
they finally get the chance to pass. I just shake my head in amazement.
After all, it doesn't punish me one iota, but they have to pay for the
gas they wasted. :-)

The most memorable case was when I was riding on a narrow (probably 9'
lanes) two lane frequently used as a cut-through by truckers wanting to
avoid main roads. Despite keeping up with other traffic in front of me
due to traffic lights, the dump truck driver behind me blared his horn
several times.

So I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head, and kept my lane position.
Eventually he passed and went on his miserable way.

I would have pulled out my cell phone and photographed him. Let him lose
sleep wondering what I intend to do with the picture. :-)

Before cell phone cameras, there were two times I recall when I, or my
wife on the back of our tandem, turned around and very obviously read
out loud, repeatedly, the license plate number of a car that was
aggressively tailgating our bike. Both times the drivers backed off.

- Frank Krygowski
Old July 4th 12, 05:33 AM posted to rec.bicycles.tech,rec.bicycles.misc,rec.bicycles.soc
Wes Groleau
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Default Please don't help so much

On 07-03-2012 13:59, Phil W Lee wrote:
In London, the Metropolitan Police even have a contact website where
you can report bad driving and present video evidence, which they will
act on. Drivers are gradually learning that they can no longer regard
the absence of a police officer on the scene as a reliable indication
that their behaviour won't be viewed by one later, in glorious HD
video. Some have been prosecuted, and a number of vehicles seized, as
a result of this. It is helpful "pour encourager les autres".

We had a discussion here about one such prosecution. Several of us
noted that although the driver merited severe penalties, it would not be
surprising for the cyclist to have been cited for violations he
performed earlier in the video. :-)

Wes Groleau

It seems a pity that psychology should have
destroyed all our knowledge of human nature.
— G. K. Chesterton

Old July 5th 12, 02:20 AM posted to rec.bicycles.tech,rec.bicycles.misc,rec.bicycles.soc
Wes Groleau
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Default Please don't help so much

On 07-04-2012 14:20, Phil W Lee wrote:
You do not have to present any evidence to them that incriminates
yourself, but it is another positive aspect of recording rides that it

At least not in USA. But I didn't claim you do. I merely pointed out
that the video they posted in their justified indignation DID
incriminate the victim to a small extent.

does encourage better riding. If a rider does something stupid in the
moments before a driver does (even if the two incidents are completely
unrelated), it makes it more difficult to use the video as evidence.

Well, it may be that they edited out their poor behavior in the copy
they showed the police. But since thy displayed it to the whole world,
I sort of doubt it.

Doesn't mitigate what the driver did in the least, though. Running stop
signs, and going straight in a turn lane without even looking did not in
any way contribute to the collision that happened a couple of minutes later.

(Well, I suppose that driver might have insanely thought he was teaching
them a lesson, but I doubt it.)

Wes Groleau

Measure with a micrometer, mark with chalk, and cut with an axe.


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