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Walking a bicycle into a store

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Old April 19th 12, 07:37 AM posted to alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent,uk.rec.cycling,rec.bicycles.misc,rec.bicycles.soc,misc.consumers.frugal-living
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Default Walking a bicycle into a store

On Apr 19, 6:47*am, Doug wrote:
On Apr 18, 6:35*pm, Tony Dragon wrote:

On 18/04/2012 07:00, Doug wrote:

On Apr 16, 11:44 am, *wrote:
On Apr 15, 10:51 am, *wrote:

(a) How fast does a bicycle go, and what is its approximate minimum speed in
the hands of an ordinary rider in order to remain stable?

[Note: an ordinary rider, not a circus performer.]

As I said, it is easier to manage by riding it (at walking speed) than
walking it. Lets clarify further - dawdling walking pace. [Note: I am
not not a circus performer.]

Lowering the saddle and placing both feet on the ground and scooting
is also feasible on pavements etc but even this is not allowed and is
discriminated against.


I agree, cyclist are discriminated against by not letting them ride on
the pavement (but they still do)

And are sometimes punished for it. BTW you forgot to use the word
'disabled' in connection with 'cyclist'. Disabled cyclists are
discriminated against because they are punished or reprimanded the
same as able-bodied cyclists.


Why should they not be?

BTW in the oft quoted cycling heaven, The Netherlands, cycling on
railway platform is also forbidden for both able and disabled cyclists
even though some trains have special compartments for cycles to be

Must be a common sense thing.
Old April 20th 12, 06:15 PM posted to alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent,uk.rec.cycling,rec.bicycles.misc,rec.bicycles.soc,misc.consumers.frugal-living
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Default Walking a bicycle into a store

"Doug" wrote in message

On Apr 15, 10:32 am, NM wrote:
On Apr 15, 7:53 am, Doug wrote:

On Apr 14, 3:17 pm, NM wrote: On Apr 14, 12:05 pm,
dr6092 wrote:
. I am able to walk so respect

local custom in pedestrian areas but the idea that is for safety
reasons is total nonsense.

Why? Cycles being ridden amongst pedestrians could result in damage or
injury to a pedestrian if the rider lost control for whatever reason,
thus for safety of pedestrians it's banned, what is nonsensical about

As I have already pointed out, the same applies to wheelchairs but
they are allowed.


And we are talking cycles, cycles are not wheelchairs, wheelchairs are
for the disabled, cycles are not, what do you find so difficult to
understand about that?

What you find so difficult to understand is who decides which is for
what and why.

The fact an individual disabled person finds it suitable to use a
cycle does not make the cycle a general aid for the disabled thus it
will not gain any concessions.

Get over it.

So you admit then that disabled people who use bicycles are
discriminated against?

Only in the sense that disabled people who use cars are similarly
discriminated against - they are not allowed to take their cars into shops
or on railway platforms either.


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