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Bike Share graveyard

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Old December 9th 17, 03:51 AM posted to rec.bicycles.tech
John B.[_3_]
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Default Bike Share graveyard

On Fri, 08 Dec 2017 19:06:46 -0600, AMuzi wrote:

On 12/8/2017 7:00 PM, John B. wrote:
On Fri, 08 Dec 2017 09:40:00 -0600, AMuzi wrote:

On 12/8/2017 12:25 AM, John B. wrote:
On Thu, 07 Dec 2017 13:18:49 -0800, Joerg

On 2017-12-07 13:07, Frank Krygowski wrote:
On 12/7/2017 12:42 PM, Joerg wrote:
On 2017-12-07 09:18, Frank Krygowski wrote:


One time I found out the day before the ride that the restaurant I'd
picked out had to close due to an emergency. (a gas leak - lucky it
didn't explode!) So I had to quickly throw together a different ride. It
required about a mile on a downhill stretch of a new four lane road.
Traffic wasn't bad at all ...

The last five words are the key. Of course most riders do not mind
roads when traffic is light. However, they do hesitate when it looks
like this:


Nearly every cyclist I know in town, and it's quite a few, refuses to
ride through there. The common response it "That is crazy!".

I don't doubt that most cyclists refuse to ride there. Most cyclists in
America lack the knowledge and confidence to ride with real competence
on anything but a nearly empty road.

Or they know or met one cyclist (in my case several) who got seriously
hit out there. The worst one needed years to get back into the saddle
because of injuries. She ended up under a full-size pickup truck.

My wife knew a woman that was killed stepping off the bus. She stepped
off and was hit by a motorcycle, fell and hit her head on the curb.
Busses are dangerious!

One of my gunners when I was at Enewetak Atoll had to jump out of
three airplanes. Proving that Aircraft are unsafe.

My grandmother knew a fellow that was killed when a horse ran away.
Horses are unsafe.

I bought a new pair of shoes and got a blister. The blister became
infected and I had to have part of my little toe amputated. Shoes are

Both my grandfathers died in bed thus proving that beds are

Is all that ridiculous? Certainly it is. Just as are your posts about
the dangerious roads that you are forced to ride over.

I would remind you that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder results not
only from a single traumatic experience but also from continued
exposure to what an individual views as danger.

If you continue riding on those roads that you just know are so
dangerious you may find yourself experiencing one or another of the
following symptoms: Flashbacks, Upsetting dreams, even physical
reactions to a flash back.

John B.

Although not a cyclist himself, my friend's grandfather met
his demise by bicycle:

Proof positive that the devilish machines are dangerious and should be
banned from the nation's highways and byways.

Forbes has it that not a single person has been killed in a
crash on a United States certificated scheduled airline operating
anywhere in the world in the past seven years, while bicycles have
killed nearly 5,000 people during the same period in the U.S.

Not having been killed yet, I consider every minute on my
bicycle blissful. Some minutes more than others but you get
the idea.

Flying commercial makes mere death look like a good alternate.

Way back when, it used to be that when you bought an air ticket they
instructed you to be at the Airport 30 minutes early. Today it is two
hours early and sometimes that isn't sufficient.

Makes bicycle riding, even in California, seem a rather benign sport

John B.

Old December 9th 17, 04:58 AM posted to rec.bicycles.tech
John B.[_3_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 3,967
Default Bike Share graveyard

On Fri, 8 Dec 2017 21:02:36 -0500, Frank Krygowski

On 12/8/2017 7:45 PM, John B. wrote:
On Fri, 8 Dec 2017 14:53:40 -0500, Frank Krygowski

On 12/8/2017 1:19 PM, Duane wrote:

Some people make music out of them.

I always had difficulty considering Zappa's stuff to be music.

He once said "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not
possible." But I always thought he was far more interested in deviation
than in progress.

And if he had played a harmonica he probably wouldn't have gotten on
the Steve Allen Show :-)

But there's Milton Berle!

In a more professional vein, even the Chinese do it :-)

John B.


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