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Saddle questions

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Old March 13th 05, 01:52 AM
Benjamin Lewis
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Maggie wrote:

Benjamin Lewis wrote:

Mind you, for the first week or so when I was breaking in the Brooks, I
carried a gel seatcover with me for when it got too uncomfortable. I'm
very low on "natural padding"...

Aren't you lucky. I think. Ummmmm. Very low on natural padding may not
be that good. Everyone likes a nice butt on a nice guy. :-) I guess
it depends on how low on natural padding you are.

Just right
I'm afraid I'm not allowed to post any photos, however.

What is this thread all about? I forgot.

Butt impressions, I believe...

Benjamin Lewis

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Old March 13th 05, 04:20 PM
Claire Petersky
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"Orrie" wrote in message

2. Check out Terry saddles.
Georgena Terry originally introduced the saddle design with a cut away in
the middle for women. But the concept caught on for men, too. Her company
now makes a wide selection of seats for men as well as women. Look at the
the Liberator (the basic Terry model), which has padding as well as the
Terry cut-out, and the Liberator Y, a variation with more padding.

I just bought two Butterflies (the cut-rate crmoly version) for our tandem.
I am hoping these will solve my and my daughter's problems on the tandem.
The saddle that came on the bike (I bought it used) that I was sitting on
has sort of sloping sides, such that my butt cheeks were being split apart
while riding. I can't imagine this saddle being comfortable for anyone, but
I always hear how individual saddle choice is. The Butterfly at least has a
level platform, so I'm hoping it will be a better support for my heinie.

I'm also encouraging my daughter to be explicit if this saddle is not
working for her. I know it's hard when you're 12 to discuss any issues with
this region of the body, so getting her to be forthcoming to me (much less
the guys in the shop) other than, "it hurts" is going to be hard.

Warm Regards,

Claire Petersky
Home of the meditative cyclist:
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Old March 13th 05, 05:54 PM
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And what would that be?

A light application of proofide top and bottom.

You can tension your saddle with a special Brooks spanner you know?

That wouldn't help, and might make things worse. It doesn't sag
longitudinally, so there's so need to tension it. It sags only under
the sit bones - two impressions a couple of centimetres deep that would
be fine if the rest of saddle was also at the same level, but instead
remains high and hard.

That happened to me too. A light application of neatsfoot oil
recommended by Sheldon Brown almost ruined my B17 as well. 2 deep
impressions created by my sit bones raised the center ridge by a bit
too. What I did next was to use the spanner, tightened the leather a
bit and tilt the nose down a bit (not up). After riding about 1000 km
later on, a miraculous thing happened. The hard ridge that caused so
much pain on my rod is now softened enough that I can tilt the nose
back up again. It's now very comfy even riding on my drop bars
(usually this position will numb it) for hours on end.

However, I'm not repeating the same painful experience with my B17, so
I'm planning on getting the Titanico from Selle Anatomica for my new
road racing bike. This is essentially a B17 with a center cutout.


Old March 14th 05, 12:57 AM
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: There is a love hate relationship with current Brooks saddles. That's
: why, there is a person that modifies Brooks saddles to make them more
: comfortable. The website is http://www.mcmwin.com and they sell the
: modified version of the B17, the Pro and I think the Swift under the
: brand name Selle Anatomica. The Titanico is the B17 with 3 different
: cutouts plus a color of your choice!!

I sent the people at that site a question, and the answer was this: they
will take your Brooks saddle and remodel it under their process BUT only if
you haven't put any Proofide or other treatments on the leather. I was
going to just send them my B17 and hope for the best, but I have already
treated it once with Proofide. What they do is laminate something under the
saddle to stiffen it and the laminate won't hold if the saddle has leather
treatment already on it.

Pat in TX

Old March 15th 05, 10:32 PM
Dane Jackson
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Claire Petersky wrote:
"Orrie" wrote in message

I just bought two Butterflies (the cut-rate crmoly version) for our tandem.
I am hoping these will solve my and my daughter's problems on the tandem.

I switched out the rear seat on the tandem, and the seat on my wife's bike
for those. They helped a lot with her seat problems. Of course YMMV as has
been previously noted.

For myself, I can ride most anything, though I still like the saddle that
came with my first road bike (Giant OCR2) the best. I managed to bust the
rails on whatever came with the Surly Crosscheck and swapped the OCR saddle
onto it. Of course, the only other comment I've seen about the OCR saddle
was that it was a fiendish torture device designed to destroy ones butt. All
I can say is if you don't want it, I'll take yours, I have a couple bikes
I wouldn't mind replacing the seat with those.

Dane Jackson - z u v e m b i @ u n i x b i g o t s . o r g
"If you're feeling good, don't worry. You'll get over it."
-Bolings postulate to Murphy's Law

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