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NSW bike laws....

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Old March 2nd 16, 12:44 AM posted to aus.cars,aus.bicycle
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Default NSW bike laws....

On Wed, 2 Mar 2016 10:30:20 +1100, Noddy

On 02/03/16 8:39 AM, Je?us wrote:

You'd think that my living out in the bush means I'm isolated from
that sort of **** - NOPE.

I encounter the lycra biker nazis nearly every time I travel to
Launceston. They come quite a way out from there, onto fairly narrow,
steep and windy roads. They frequently sit two abreast in the middle
of the lane, and you can suddenly come up behind them on a tight bend
going uphill, meaning they're only crawling along while you're doing
100KM/H. And they won't move over either, I've seen logging trucks
stuck behind them (who haven't a hope of passing them) and they still
won't move. Any sign of indignation from you is invariably answered
by the finger. Some of them must have a death-wish.

Same here.

I get the week-end flouro types "racing" each other up and down the
Avenue of Honour here leading into town, and the attitude is
astonishing. It's like they have to defiantly show they have a "right:
to be there by deliberately holding up every other vehicle on the road
which does *nothing* but cause agro against them.

Yep, most of them seem to *want* to create agro. I've had them hear me
coming and them swarm all over *both* lanes to block me. That was
between Kin Kin and Pomona in QLD.


Again, yep. Sooner or later we'll start to see a few people target
these idiots intentionally.

They are the reason I put cameras in all my vehicles, after a close
shave some years ago where I nearly had to choose between hitting the
bike or the oncoming car (bike was in the middle of my lane). I
should really collect the videos and make a compilation of these
lycra pricks.

I think "Dashcams" along with reversing cameras should be standard in
every vehicle and I have them in mine as well.

Personally I think anyone who rides a bike without regard to how much of
an obstruction to other traffic they're making of themselves is a
****ing lunatic, as being run over and killed is a *massive* price to
pay for exercising your "right to be there".

Indeed. I don't understand it. Maybe some of them just like the idea
of being an 'oppressed minority' or something, and are standing up for
their 'rights'.

I think cyclists should also make themselves aware of the rules, and in
particular, Rule 125, which states:

125. Unreasonably obstructing drivers or pedestrians

(1) A driver must not unreasonably obstruct the path of another driver or a pedestrian.
Penalty: 2 penalty units.
Note Driver includes a person in control of a vehicleŚsee the definition of drive in the dictionary.
(2) For this rule, a driver does not unreasonably obstruct the path of another driver or a pedestrian only becauseŚ
(a) the driver is stopped in traffic; or
(b) the driver is driving more slowly than other vehicles (unless the driver is driving abnormally slowly in the circumstances).

Example of a driver driving abnormally slowly
A driver driving at a speed of 20 kilometres per hour on a length of road to which a speed-limit of 80 kilometres per hour applies when there is no reason for the driver to drive at that speed on the length of road.

The short answer for cyclists is that you have as much right to use the
roads as anyone else. However, you do *not* have the right to slow
everyone else down to your pace and become a mobile road block just
because you feel that you *want* to.

Exactly. The trouble is, even with dash cams you have no way to
identify and then report them to the cops, unless you're lucky enough
to have a cop nearby or you stop and get involved in a serious
altercation or whatever where somebody is injured. For that reason I'm
all for bike to have plates.

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