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I don't understand - what is this for?

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Old August 17th 07, 02:22 PM posted to rec.bicycles.tech,rec.bicycles.misc,alt.mountain-bike
Doug Taylor
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Default I don't understand - what is this for?

On Thu, 16 Aug 2007 20:50:28 -0500, "Tom \"Johnny Sunset\" Sherman"

JD wrote:
...There are a lot of cheesehead refugees in SoCal.


Good question. Why trade lakes and green scenery for smog, Hollywood,
and freeways?
Old August 17th 07, 06:21 PM posted to rec.bicycles.tech,rec.bicycles.misc,alt.mountain-bike
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Default I don't understand - what is this for?

Tom "Johnny Sunset" Sherman wrote:
JD wrote:
...There are a lot of cheesehead refugees in SoCal.


Dunno, but two things:

1) In college at UC Irvine I did a survey of my friends and one level
of their friends. 83.34% were from Wisconsin and the other 16.66% were
from Minnesota. I believe they all stayed in California.

2) Back in the day when the LA Rams played Green Bay there were no Rams
fans in Anaheim Stadium. It was 100% filled with Cheeseheads.


Ticketmaster and Ticketweb suck, but everyone knows that:

Dethink to survive - Mclusky
Old August 22nd 07, 02:48 AM posted to rec.bicycles.tech,rec.bicycles.misc,alt.mountain-bike
G Wood
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Default I don't understand - what is this for?

"Tom "Johnny Sunset" Sherman" wrote in message
.. .
Mamba ? wrote:
"Tom "Johnny Sunset" Sherman" ""sunsetss0003\"@invalida .com" wrote in
message .. .
See http://www2.trekbikes.com/Bikes/2007/mountain/69er.html.

Is the bigger front wheel to better roll over obstacles, or is it just

demented fashion statement? Conversely, does the smaller rear wheel
provide any real advantage?

TongueInCheek Can't say, but they'd be a bitch on a steep climb...


Why? It is not like shoving two different size wheels into a frame
designed for same size wheels, which would likely result in bad weight
distribution and weird handling.

Next time I'll be more explicit with my tags.

Old October 22nd 07, 08:33 AM posted to rec.bicycles.tech,rec.bicycles.misc,alt.mountain-bike
Tom Keats
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Default I don't understand - what is this for?

In article ,
On Mon, 13 Aug 2007 01:57:54 -0700,
(Tom Keats)

In article ,

Koans are not quite the same as aphorisms . . .

Actually, they are.

Old saws 'n chestnuts are not the same as koans.

Well, they are, too. After all, it's not about
the nail -- it's about the hammer. Or the hand
that swings the hammer. Or the mind that decides
to swing the hammer. Or the superlative being that
decides that an hammer should be swung. Or the
Parvardegar that says: "Yeah, sure. Swing the hammer
if ya wanna. I dreamt that it would happen, anyway. And
what are dreams to me, are reality to you, and what you
believe to be real is mere, ethereal daydreaming to me:
I daydreamed you up. Knock yerselves out. Try not to
hurt each other, but rather try to help each other, and
co-exist in mutual love and respect. You're going to do
that anyways, 'cuz that's how I invented you in my daydreams.
So feel good, and don't hurt anybody. Love your fellows."

The Almighty might even be able to put up with you on a
personal level, if you don't bug him too much. Just remember,
he's already got a lot on his plate, what with making the
entire universe work, and we're not particularly special.

Well, we all are special, but we're not allowed to wield
it against each other. By helping each other, we're
helping the Cosmic Him/Her/It.

Screw koans. Screw aphorisms. Screw ego. Screw my ego.
Screw your ego. Screw everybody's ego.


Dear Tom,

A Zen student asked his master whether koans were aphorisms.

The master told him to shoplift the second volume of the condensed
Oxford English Dictionary from WalMart.

Everbody knows the /Cambridge/ Dictionary is the
one, true lexicon. In fact, Cambridge is the one,
true seat of learning.

Well, that, and the place where the Teletubbies hang
around in.

And Pender Harbour (... mmm ... clam chowder & a puffy bannock.)

And a certain spot northeast of Mission BC, up Sylvester Road,
adjacent to Cascade (McConnell) Creek.

The Parvardargar, like you & me, doesn't like stupid useless
razmatazz. He/She/It especially doesn't like beings
subjecting other beings to razmatazz. And that's what's fscking
this whole world up -- people subjecting other people to
razmatazz. And then responding with counter-razmatazz.
The whole world is filled up and replete with razmatazz.
What a bunch of idiots we are. "What fools these mortals be."

Go steal a library book, indeed! A /reference/ book, at that.
Y'know what? Imo Philips once discussed that very topic, and
he handled it much more adroitly than any Zen Bhuddist. Of
course the Parvardargar would be unhappy with his approach, too.

Why are we so self-destructive?
Why should we /be/ so self-destructive?

Oh, well. It'll all come out in t' wash.

It always does.

That Zen master needs his handlebar-mounted mirror
knocked out of adjustment.


I'm really at

You're nice people. I'm glad you're here.


Nothing is safe from me.
I'm really at:
tkeats curlicue vcn dot bc dot ca
Old October 22nd 07, 04:46 PM posted to rec.bicycles.tech,rec.bicycles.misc,alt.mountain-bike
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Default I don't understand - what is this for?

That Zen master needs his handlebar-mounted mirror
knocked out of adjustment.


If that is so then this might be just right for us



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