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Chaos, death and disaster - several bombs have just exploded in London ;-(

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Old July 13th 05, 03:28 PM
0ld Yank
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"Dave W" wrote in message

"0ld Yank" [email protected] Isee.net wrote in message

wrote in message
0ld Yank wrote:
"Michel Boucher" wrote in message
Mark Hickey wrote in

I'm suggesting that Webster's is not a dictionary.

... and therefore that Americans shouldn't use an American
"dictionary" when composing email? Then pray tell, what source of
literary accuracy SHOULD us poor colonials refer to when
attempting to craft verbiage that might inadvertently travel
across the big pond?

Should we replace our "z" keys with an extra "u" key, perhaps?

Is this like the UK version of the spelling police?

I'm not in the UK, so the short answer is...no. You can do what you
want but if you quote Webster's as an authority on language, I will
not accept that. You are free to do so, but you may from time to
time encounter opprobrium for your jejune use of local resources.
Personally, I only recognize the Oxford and you, as a websterite,
have the option of consulting the New Oxford American [sic]
Dictionary. So don't tell me you weren't warned.


Lordy lordy®. All this time I thought I was speaking English, and I

really speaking Websterese. Of course, that's better than those
snooty-tooty people on the big island who speak *Oxfordian*.

But whatever they speak, they need to get their idiotic heads buckled

right and see this terrorist thing for what it is: A war against
who doesn't Islamibabble.

Terrorism in the name of religion is just that. Terrorism.
Nothing more, nothing less.
To suggest otherwise shows your complete ignorance of the situation and
indeed the facts.


You can't read, can you?
You guys need to spend more time in school and less time on those silly

Bicycles are for girls.

--Yankee Viejo

bbbzzzzzttt.Sorry, you're automatically disqualified from being considered

They're some nice parting gifts backstage. Thanks for playing.

"Bicycles are for girls".

It stung you, didn't it?

--Yankee Viejo

Old July 14th 05, 11:44 AM
Shaun aRe
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"Bill Sornson" wrote in message
Shaun aRe wrote:
"Bob W" bob @bobbbbbbbbb.net wrote in message

I have a mental
picture of the ****er's bumper. A yellow ribbon sticker, a W04
sticker, and a big ****ing dent that's never going to get fixed
because he can't come up with the deductible.

I am afraid that in this at least, you are wrong. I don't care for
the guy's attitudes - mark that mind you, but he is not as you

You know "Old Yank"?

Gene Royer from alt.skunks - he has a thing for silly pseudonyms, and messed
up ideologies. I think he's also the worlds oldest troll or something.

BTW - you should see the huge number of Acroprops it takes to hold up his
vast ego.

Shaun aRe


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