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Old December 21st 04, 10:33 PM
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The High Cost of Sodomy

A fatal disease such as AIDS costs society more than medical care.
Indirect costs also enter in. There is the cost of having raised and
prepared the AIDS patient for productive work. Think of the food,
medical care, education, etc. that it takes to get a child ready for
employment in our modern society. Think of the lost productivity due to
that individual not being alive or physically able to be employed in
his 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s.

There are also costs for his employer while he is still alive. These
include higher insurance premiums and having to periodically fill his
position when he is getting medical treatment or feels too poorly to
work, etc. And then, of course, there are the costs of finding and
training his replacement. Los Angeles Times reporter Jennifer Oldham 1
estimated these employer costs at $32,000 per AIDS-employee over a
five-year period - that is, over $6,000/year.

Oldham also estimated that the indirect cost of AIDS was about seven
times the direct medical cost. Of course, today people with AIDS are
living longer - and more of them are able to work for a while. In 1995,
it was estimated that medical costs for an AIDS patient were running
about $35,000/year. These costs in drugs and medical treatment often
continue until the patient dies. So if a homosexual practitioner lives
5 years with AIDS, direct medical costs will total about $175,000 and
the indirect costs about $1.2 million. If he lives 8 years the direct
costs will total about $280,000 and the indirect costs about $2

Lives Lost To Sodomy

As of December 2002, of the 501,669 deaths from AIDS in the U.S.,
286,018 or 57% were among males-that-have-sex-with-males [MSM]. 2 So
AIDS has disproportionately killed those responsible for its spread.
But many more have been killed by AIDS than just homosexuals.

Hemophiliacs and those who needed a transfusion have died from HIV
contaminated blood. To date, these deaths have totaled 3 about 13,000.
MSM bear most of the responsibility for these deaths. Since a little
over half of those who have gotten HIV are homosexual, at least half
the total of the blood bank infections - about 6,500 deaths - are
fairly allotted to MSM.

But there is more to it than that. Not only did homosexuals donate
infected blood, they were the only group that threatened to do so
purposely. And they have offered the only clear, recorded evidence of
deliberate infection.

As former Congressional Representative Bob Dornan told an audience at
the Conservative Political Action Conference [CPAC] in the early 1980s,
his sister - then working at UCLA medical center - had caught
homosexuals with AIDS urinating on their hands and then wiping it on
door knobs and other surfaces in an attempt to infect the nursing
staff. Since it is unlikely that there is enough HIV in urine to cause
an infection, it is also unlikely that this ploy succeeded in infecting
anyone. However, a gay activist in Texas made news when he called for
homosexuals to deliberately contaminate the blood supply to 'get
funding' for their treatment. It is unknown whether or how many gays
followed his marching orders, or how successful his followers were in
causing infections. But the threat was made and widely advertised.

A number of physicians and nurses have told FRI staff of deliberate
attempts by homosexuals to infect them while they were ministering to
them. For instance, one homosexual receiving an intravenous treatment
jerked his arm in such a way that the nurse ended up sticking herself
with the needle as she adjusted it. In this instance, she was not
infected - nevertheless, around 200 medical personnel have died of AIDS
by treating the infected. Since homosexuals make up over half of those
with HIV, at least 100 of these deaths were arguably due to treating

And then there are the sodomized boys who got infected by adult MSM and
subsequently died. At least 2 boys who died after being sodomized by a
homosexual have made the news in the past 24 years, but media reports
have also spotlighted at least 235 boys who were sexually molested by
an HIV-infected gay. How many of these boys were infected and how many
died is unknown.

Overall, while MSM have mainly infected each other, there has also been
an infection toll on those who do not engage in homosexual sex. As a
conservative estimate, at least 7,000 individuals in the U.S. who were
innocent of sodomy themselves paid the ultimate price for the sexual
pleasures of homosexuals. This tranlates to roughly one individual for
every 41 MSM who have died of AIDS.

Quarantine Would Have Worked

Most of the costs associated with AIDS could have been avoided. But
avoidance would have necessitated quarantine, if not to individual
abodes, then at least the shutting down of the homosexual
infrastructure - gay bathhouses, gay bars, gay sex clubs, etc. Of
course, those who engage in sodomy do not like being the subject of
derision, much less the object of quarantine. Homosexual practitioners
are no less obsessed than those who want a sex-change operation - they
want to be considered 'normal' in every respect. They also want society
to accept their desires as 'reasonable' and beyond that pay the costs
for their choices. In the case of 'sex changes,' these costs include
genital mutilation; in the case of sodomy, the tab involves medical and
other costs.

Is it a person's 'right' to be allowed to have sex as they see fit and
to possibly infect others? You won't find it anywhere in the
Constitution, but that is indeed what the American public health
establishment has decided. Quite recently, quarantines have worked to
limit the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome [SARS]. No one
seriously questioned the legitimacy or need for such measures. But when
it came to sodomy, the idea that persons might not be able to have sex
with whom they wanted was considered repellant by U.S. officials.
Unfortunately, this newly-established 'right' has had tremendous and
costly consequences.

In a recent article, researchers Hansen and Groce 4 spotlighted one
country, Cuba, which "did not recognize individual rights as an
impediment to its public health measures," and imposed quarantine on
those with HIV. By 2002, the public health success of the Cuban policy
was acknowledged - Cuba had a rate of HIV infection "nearly 11 times
lower than that in the United States."

From a cost or risk-benefit perspective, an obvious question is raised.
Because homosexuals make up a relatively small minority, why should
everyone else (including, but not limited to, the taxpaying public)
have to chip in, pay for, and/or incur extra risk of disease or death,
all for the sake of sexual pleasure?

Foundation for Sodom Being Laid

In the 11 th century, one of sodomy's harshest critics, Peter Damian,
opined that those who practice sodomy "strive to rebuild [the walls] of
devastated Sodom." The West seems intent on doing just that.

Sodomy is worse than worthless to society. It not only contributes
nothing to future generations, but costs society in treasure and lives.
Marriage is key to society - within it, a secure future is born and
raised. Viable societies have always lauded and honored those who were
married with children - the married are 'the core' of any successful
society. In recognition of this, society discriminates for man-woman
marriage and discriminates against any other sexual arrangement.

Yet many movers and shakers in our society are calling for the
equivalency of 'homosexuality' and 'heterosexuality.' In addition, they
would make no distinction between 'shacking-up' and being married.

Implementing this form of 'equality' will be quite costly. Bruce
Steele, editor of The Advocate , the leading homosexual rights
magazine, reveals the extent to which society will have to be changed
to accommodate members of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual
coalition. In a recent editorial, 5 Steele says:

"Forget about moral decay and Leviticus and AIDS and 'natural order'
and the ick factor, those are just excuses. The right's real argument
against same-sex civil marriage comes down to this: If gays get
marriage, being straight will no longer get you special rights.
Homosexuality will at last be as normal as heterosexuality."

Steele is quite correct. Sodomites live out an inferior lifestyle,
incurring greater personal risk and presenting greater danger to
society through their preferred activities. Because their relationships
are inferior to traditional marriage, society is right to single out
sodomy as being destructive and self-serving. In fact, proponents of
sexual equality have to actively deny the real consequences and costs
to society of homosexual behavior. Otherwise, they would be forced to
admit that it ought to be suppressed for the common good.

Presumably sodomy is fun - or people wouldn't do it. Those, including
mental health experts, who claim that sodomites have to have homosexual
sex are clearly throwing up a smokescreen. Look, for instance, at all
the monks and nuns through the ages who have managed to avoid sex (and
generally live longer lives than the average). Yet sodomy does nothing
of value other than entertain. Society certainly doesn't need it like
it needs men and women to procreate and nurture the next generation. So
why should society give equal status to worse-than-worthless same-sex
relationships? Why should we shoulder all of that cost?

References: 1. The economic cost of AIDS, 10/13/95. 2. CDC, HIV/AIDS
Surveillance Report . 3. CDC, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report , v. 14,
Table 7. 4. Hansen H, Groce N. Human immunodefiencey virus and
quarantine in Cuba. JAMA , 2003:290;2875. 5. The Advocate, 1/20/04, p.
19. Homosexuals in Real Life

Experiences with any thing or kind of person tell us a lot. Consider
these two letters from professionals who have dealt with homosexuality.

A retired Pediatric Surgeon from the Southwest wrote:

* "I have known three gay Pediatricians, two of whom were married and
had children. One had a wife who impressed me as being a lesbian. Their
son, whom I saw as a patient, was a weird 18 year-old. The unmarried
fellow had a domineering mother who was also a Pediatrician, and a much
older father who died early. * "The best Pediatric anesthesiologist I
ever worked with is gay. He works in Dallas. He lives with a
"Bruto"-like (from Popeye) decorator. We had Martina Navatolova - the
tennis star - here. She stole the wife of an MD Internist friend (Judy
Hill Nelson). They split later. Big lawsuit, etc."

A practicing psychiatrist in New York City wrote:

* "Recent experience with gay/lesbian parenting has left a caring
psychiatrist disappointed and concerned. For the sake of the children
involved in these families, he had hoped to find some positive
parenting environments. Unfortunately in his small sample of about a
half a dozen gay and lesbian parenting families, which represent the
total number of cases he has been involved with over a twenty-five plus
year career, he has yet to find a really positive environment.

* "His most recent case from a few months ago involved a young adult
male who had been raised in a lesbian home. During his growing up years
his mother had multiple lesbian partners which tended to create an
unstable home environment. When he was a child (under the age of 10)
one of her partners had sex with him on several occasions. At the time
he was so young he wasn't sure what was happening. His mother was
physically abusive to him (at one point actually cut on his arm) and
'helped' him get into the use of street drugs. He felt she also
encouraged him to become gay. He is heterosexual in orientation, but
has very serious emotional problems and has mixed feelings of both love
and strong hatred for his mother including homicidal ideation towards

* "Some months earlier this psychiatrist had also been involved in a
case involving a young bisexual male who had been sexually molesting
his young (under age 6) 'stepson.' The male had previously self
identified as 'gay' until a one night stand with the child's mother
convinced him that he was bisexual. He admitted to having oral sex with
her son. The sexual abuse stopped when the child's mom caught them
being involved sexually."

Real experiences by real people are a kind of information that seldom
reaches the press or professional articles. While every homosexual
these professionals encountered was not 'a creep' or 'a troublemaker'
(at least to their knowledge), the harm done by those who practice
homosexuality to personal and public health, and to the social order,
is fairly evident.


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