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The Great?

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Old June 22nd 16, 08:29 AM posted to rec.bicycles.soc
John B.[_6_]
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Default The Biking-Hiking Wars

On Tue, 21 Jun 2016 22:54:59 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

"John B." wrote in message
.. .

On Mon, 20 Jun 2016 06:22:31 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

"John B." wrote in message
. ..

Usual bull**** deleted. I dont even have to read it anymore to recognize

You see, Dollies mentor, his paladin one might say, who fights the

good fight against California mountain bikers, was arrested and
charged with assault with a weapon for attacking a mountain biker with
a wood saw, and received a jail sentence.

Nope, wrong on all counts, but how typical of those who support mountain
biking to lie about simple facts that anyone can look up.

But that was not an isolated instance, a "hiker" in New Brunswick was

caught placing logs across paths in order to injure bikers, a 57 year
old psychiatrist named Jackson Tyler Dempsey was sentenced to 30 days
in jail and two years of probation for stringing shoulder-level nylon
rope across trails near Ashland, Oregon, a man was caught on camera
moving rocks and logs into riders' paths in Quincy, California, a
mountain biker found plywood boards riddled with protruding nails on
singletrack near Carbondale, Colorado.

I can see that I shall have to start posting hundreds of articles about how
mountain bikers create illegal trails in order to demonstrate their

By the way, I strongly advocate that hikers carry a firearm just in case
they are threatened by these criminal mountain bikers.

In short, hikers are fighting back against the demon bikers who want

to use parks and forests while hikers wish to deny them the use of
these public facilities

Ideally a few justified killings of mountain bikers on the trail by hikers
might clarify things as to whom has the right to these trails. It would
certainly make the land managers sit up and take notice.

But noticeably the name Dolan (the great) is missing from the annals

of those dedicated fighters against the demon cyclists. And one can
only speculate why?

Ed Dolan the Great, along with the Great Mike Vandeman, do our fighting in
other ways.

He posts and posts and posts and posts vilifying the bikers but if

news reports are to be believed takes no action himself.

Posting to a bicycle newsgroup is a form of action that even a dunce like
you should acknowledge.

Following **** deleted

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. Whats the matter? Cant walk?

Ed Dolan the Great Minnesota

Post content or get lost!


John B.

Take your "cheers" and shove it up your ass, you god damn dumb ****ing

Most repair manuals are far more interesting than you, and far less turgid
to read. I'd get more pleasure from running my nostrils down a cactus, than
reading another contribution from you. Maybe you wouldn't come across as
such a jellyfish-sucking mental midget if you didn't have an intellect
rivaled only by the Village Idiot's stupider brother;

Here's a tip: no one will ever know that you've had a lobotomy if you wear a
wig to hide the scars; stop posting your drivel on message boards, and learn
to control the slobbering. Clearly, the full area of your ignorance is not
yet mapped. We are presently only exploring the fringes of that vast

Are you normally this dumb or are you just having a blonde moment? Wouldn't
clues have more room to fit in your head if you got rid of some of the
gobbledygook in there?

In closing, I offer these heartfelt words: Go suck on a frozen pineapple,

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. Whats the matter? Cant walk?

Ed Dolan the Great Minnesota

My goodness Eddie, but you are up late this evening, nearly 11 PM.
Didn't your mother ever tell you that, "early to bed and early to rise
makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"?

But, I guess that she didn't as you seem to have fallen by the wayside
on all counts. Ah well, it wasn't for poor folks rich people wouldn't
be called rich and if it weren't for stupid people the wise would just
be average. So I suppose that you and your ilk do benefit mankind, in
a sort of left handed manner.

But, "Content, Content" he cries. Well O.K.

Lets see, "content" according to Eddie seems to be:

"Take your "cheers" and shove it up your ass, you god damn dumb
****ing moron."
"Go suck on a frozen pineapple, asshole."
"By the way, I strongly advocate that hikers carry a firearm..."

Goodness Eddie, do you think that I would descend to your level? I
mean really?

Sorry, Ed but I just can't do it. You see my parents brought me up
properly so I would feel very awkward slobbering filth to demonstrate
my manliness.

I suspect that you do understand just poorly you do the manly
department. After all we can all see how dirty you talk to convince
others that you are really Big, Bad, Dirty talking, Eddie..

Someone wrote that "Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to
express itself forcibly", and others have said, "people only swear
because their vocabulary is limited." And, you know what? Those folks
knew what they were talking about and there you stand to prove it.

Perhaps if you changed your nom de plume (pen name) to something like
"Filthy Eddie" or maybe "Foulmouthed Eddie" it might help people to
understand you.

But, as Filthy Eddie says, "Bicycles have wheels". One assumes that in
the next lesson he will reveal the Law of Gravity.

John B.


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