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LA News today

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Old June 15th 21, 03:33 PM posted to rec.bicycles.tech
Tom Kunich[_4_]
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Default LA News today

On Monday, June 14, 2021 at 5:24:45 PM UTC-7, jbeattie wrote:
On Monday, June 14, 2021 at 5:08:12 PM UTC-7, Ralph Barone wrote:
John B. wrote:
On Mon, 14 Jun 2021 06:58:15 -0700 (PDT), Tom Kunich

On Monday, June 14, 2021 at 3:28:54 AM UTC-7, Rolf Mantel wrote:
Am 11.06.2021 um 23:23 schrieb Tom Kunich:
On Friday, June 11, 2021 at 1:05:54 PM UTC-7, AMuzi wrote:
On 6/11/2021 2:30 PM, wrote:
On Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 5:25:30 PM UTC-5, AMuzi wrote:
On 6/10/2021 4:22 PM, wrote:
On Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 10:12:32 AM UTC-5, wrote:
On Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 7:30:58 AM UTC-7, AMuzi wrote:

After thinking about what Lou said I suppose that the modern
generation is still young enough to think of electric bikes as a
viable form of transportation. It won't take too many winters to
change their minds about that but they will doubtless tough it
out for a decade or two. Long enough to learn that man-made
climate change was nothing more than another tool of the left to
instill fear in the stupid people for mass control.

Once again Tom, you amaze us with your comments. I will restrain
from making any direct remarks about them.

Above is a link to snow in Los Angeles. Andy's post above was about Los Angeles.

You wrote "I suppose that the modern generation is still young
enough to think of electric bikes as a viable form of
transportation. It won't take too many winters to change their
minds about that but they will doubtless tough it out for a decade or two."

The above webpage on Los Angeles snow says the RECORD for one day
and one month is from January 1932. 89 years ago. Once a lifetime
event. 89 is well above the life expectancy in the USA. And they
got a whopping 2 inches that day in 1932. Where I live and where
Andy lives, bicyclists laugh at a measly pitiful pathetic 2 inches
of snow. It takes 2 feet to be a real concern.

I've been to Los Angeles several times. March was the coldest
month I visited. Brrrr. Went to Disneyland in shorts and t-shirt
on that trip. Guessing shorts and t-shirts would have been
appropriate for the entire winter season in Los Angeles.

On the above webpage for snow in Los Angeles they list all the
snow events in downtown Los Angeles since 1918. Its snowed in 15
years from 1918 to 1962. Mostly trace amounts. But some were
measurable. The table shown stops at 1962. I don't know if it has
never ever snowed in downtown Los Angeles from 1962 to 2021, or
the webpage just stopped the table at 1962. But if its the former,
it has never ever snowed in downtown Los Angeles since 1962, then
that would seem to support the factually supported theory that the
earth is warming. Thus no snow in downtown Los Angeles for 59
years. Most likely due to man caused actions.

I've been to San Francisco a couple times about two decades ago.
Summer time I think. So no winter experience with San Francisco.
But I'm guessing winter in San Francisco area is very mild to say
the lease. Cyclable on electric and regular bikes every day of the
year. Supposedly you live in Oakland, on the other side of the
Bay. Guessing winter weather in Oakland is the same as in San
Francisco. Cyclable all winter long. You have yet to amaze us with
your winter riding adventures in blizzards so I'm guessing it
doesn't snow in San Francisco area.

So we have determined that there is no winter in San Francisco,
Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego. Yet you wrote "It won't take too
many winters to change their minds."

in re Global Warming:

Today, 10 June, it's snowing at the west border of Montana,
5 inches expected (from a customer driving heavy machinery


carry on.




"In total, water from Lake Mead serves 18 million people in Arizona,
Nevada, and California and supplies the irrigation of over 1,000,000
acres (400,000 ha) of land."
Montana has 1.09 million residents total. Diminishing water from
Hoover Dam serves 18 million people. 18 to 1 ratio there. Area of
Montana is 147,040 square miles. 94 million acres. So Hoover only
irrigates a mere 1.064% of the area of the state of Montana.
But another Google search says the following
"and the lands these waters drain are all part of the "Colorado
River Basin." The rivers drain 242,000 square miles in the United
States, or one-twelfth of the country's continental land."
So Hoover drains 1.6 times the area of the state of Montana.

Your comments above say the 5 inches of snow is on the western
border of Montana. Going to the Sun road, pass, is over there.
Famous bike route. But the whole state of Montana did not get 5
inches of snow. Just the Going to the Sun road got 5 inches of snow.

We don't disagree.

I received the report from a trucker going that way, I
shared it, noting 'western border of Montana'.

Don't look now but it is SUMMER
It might be SUMMER in California but it's quite normal that remote
mountain passes above 6,400 feet altitude will not be snow-free until
mid-July. I've had a freak blizzard in the Alps bringing 3 in of snow in
late July/early August at those altitudes once (and Glacier National
Park is one 48 latutude compared to the 46 latitude of the Alps).

Oh, I'm quite aware of the weather in the alps. Andy Hampsten won the
Giro through a snow storm that caused most of his competition to drop out.

But the 3 years I spent in Moses Lake WA were surprisingly snowless in a
state that has one of the highest rainfalls in the USA. Of course at
that point they are in the shadow of the Cascade mountains and most of
the moisture is dumped there pushing the weather systems very high not
to come down to rain again until Spokane.

An interesting statement as the official figure for annual rain fall
in Moses Lake seems to be 7.69 inches
As opposed to the cities with the most precipitation

Your claim to having been in the Air Force is looking thinner and
thinner. You claim to have been on two bomb wings that never existed
and now you claim to have been stationed in a place that has "one of
the highest rainfalls in the USA" which in fact has one of the lowest..

John, you do appear to work hard to not understand what Tom is saying. Read
again “in a STATE that has one of the highest rainfalls in the USA.”

Well, Tom is still wrong if we're going with state averages. https://www.currentresults.com/Weath...cipitation.php Washington is ranked 29th wettest. Oregon is ranked 36th wettest. Hawaii and Louisiana are first and second wettest. Oregon is much like Hawaii: https://tinyurl.com/53h8zutx BTW, the Alvord Desert is where serious people go to set land speed records (and die -- sometimes simultaneously) and not that crummy Bonneville Salt Flat. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53173707

There is a difference between plain ordinary rainfall and hurricane driven weather. But you can pretend whatever you like.

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