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Boris Johnson: getting it all wrong

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Old October 28th 08, 04:48 PM posted to uk.rec.cycling
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Default Boris Johnson: getting it all wrong

I complain about Boris Johnson being racist, supposedly being wrong
about bendy buses and cyclists, etc. But the real reason I don't like
him is because he doesn't hate motorists anywhere near enough. We
were doing fine with Ken Livingstone, who hated motorists almost as
much as me. But now we have this idiot who seems to think that the
best way forward is *not* to make things as difficult as possible for
motorists in each and every way. Can you believe it? Bloody Boris
Johnson, with his rephasing of traffic lights to increase the flow of
traffic...they were phased the way they were for a reason, so that
motorists would be held up as much as possible, to be punished for
their incorrect choice of transport method. The system worked very
well, as important, skilled cyclists like me just ignore red lights,
meaning that we weren't held up, but the motorist scum were.

Then there's congestion charging...good old Ken just forced the
western extension on the people despite the consultation saying that
they didn't want it. This is the way it should be: it's so vital that
motorists are given a hard time that it is permissable to discard
basic democratic principles if necessary. Yet now Boris has had the
temerity to say that he'll actually *listen* to the people regarding
the western extension! Hello? Boris? Anyone in there? What
happened to giving motorists hell at all costs?

Boris is also dismantling and changing all sorts of other wonderful
anti-motorist policies which had been working brilliantly for the best
part of a decade. It's a nightmare. Lately, while cycling around
London, I've been seeing motorists actually looking *happy*. Until
recently, this was an extreme rarity, and I regularly got hard-ons
from just looking around and seeing how ****ed off all those motorist
****ers looked. Now, they actually seem to be enjoying their journeys
at times, which is utterly unacceptable. Of course, I do my bit as
ever to **** off drivers as much as I can by getting in their way,
jumping red lights, cycling on pavements and cutting them up, but
there's only so much that me and my fellow motorist-hating members of
the public can do...we need assistance from the authorities in order
to screw things up for those scumbag motorists, and after having had
such excellent assistance from them for so long until recently, it's
extremely disappointing that they're suddenly so reluctant to help out
with the motorist-purging effort.

What happened to us motorist-haters standing as one and giving those
motorists hell? What happened to making things difficult for drivers
being the only thing that mattered, however many road users died as a
result, and however much society became screwed up? What happened to
the wonderful feeling of triumphant, hateful spite that enveloped us
every time we turned to the motoring section of the local paper, or
took a look at a traffic jam that had been engineered for
anti-motorist purposes? Where is the cameraderie? Where is the
spark? Where is the unstoppable desire to screw things up, completely
and utterly, for every last one of those four-wheeled ****s (not only
by stopping them from driving from now on, but also by ensuring that
they are punished for their years upon years of selfish, dangerous,
monstrous behaviour)?

We must unite now, fellow motorist-haters, and wipe those smug grins
off the faces of those ******* motorists. We must see through our
campaign to make things so unpleasant for motorists that they stop
driving, no matter how many road users must die in order to achieve
this: it's a question of priorities, after all, and a few thousand
deaths is a price worth paying for the wonderful anguish that speed
cameras cause among those who are evil enough to travel on four wheels
rather than two. We must rid the roads of those who have paid for
them. We must...and we will.

Old October 28th 08, 06:09 PM posted to uk.rec.cycling
Paul - xxx[_2_]
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Default Boris Johnson: getting it all wrong

spindrift wrote:

Nothing ...

From: spindrift
Subject: Boris Johnson: getting it all wrong
Newsgroups: uk.rec.cycling

Paul - xxx

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Old October 29th 08, 12:04 PM posted to uk.rec.cycling
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Default Boris Johnson: getting it all wrong

On 28 Oct 2008 18:09:44 GMT, "Paul - xxx"

spindrift wrote:

Nothing ...

From: spindrift
Subject: Boris Johnson: getting it all wrong
Newsgroups: uk.rec.cycling

You're right, it was hard to tell that that wasn't a real Spindrift
post. After all, it reflects his actual opinions perfectly.

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