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Refusing to Respect, that China's sociopath Hu Jintao is Evil only, fully Evil, and nothing but Evil to China - {HRI note 20080707}

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Old July 12th 08, 11:44 AM posted to rec.martial-arts,rec.sport.soccer,rec.equestrian,rec.bicycles.racing,rec.sport.rowing
Plato Been
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Default Refusing to Respect, that China's sociopath Hu Jintao is Evil only, fully Evil, and nothing but Evil to China - {HRI note 20080707}

Refusing to Respect, that China's sociopath Hu Jintao is Evil only,
fully Evil, and nothing but Evil to China
7 July 2008
{HRI note 20080707}

Truth is absolute, you know...

China's sociopath Hu Jintao, is Evil only, fully Evil, and nothing but
Evil. Treating him as anything else than that, does mortally offend
the Chinese people, and all other people as well.

Respect means looking at a person WHO HE ACTUALLY IS, and treating him

Hu Jintao has no other intention than to destroy the people of China,
and as many people as he can, globally - for which he of course has
to do the necessary things, and to pretend, in order to not be kicked

THAT IS HIS NATURE - and George "Washington" Bush is once again hiding
and denying that nature - much like he is continuing to hide and deny
the nature of Russia's Putin and of America's Henry Kissinger.

Former US president Ronald Reagan FALSELY believed, that "there is
good in every person." But Evil persons can only PRETEND to be

China's sociopath Hu Jintao, is Evil only, fully Evil, and nothing but
Evil. Treating him as anything else than that, does not only mortally
offend the Chinese people, but SEVERELY ENDANGERS WORLD PEACE.


I quote from

'George W. Bush, the Chamberlain to Hu Jintao (as in 1938, Munich,
Britain's Prime Minister Chamberlain to Hitler)' - {HRI 20060423-V4.1}
(Version 4.1 on 1 Jan 2008) (*)


You can compare this with an earlier time, with

the lie: "'Germany' wanted more territory, to expand into,
and wanted more people to be 'governed' by 'Germany'."

'Germany' meaning the "democratically elected"
head of state, then, who was called Adolf,
head of the state of Germany, and

'Germany' meaning those he had hypnotized into
also "being very great individuals doing great
deeds and having great powers over others."

From the Definition of Sanity *(n), you
would conclude, that it is beneficial
to study the nature of hypnotism and
hypnotists, and of stage magic and of
stage magicians, *(n)

so that you will more easily look
through the deceptions and tricks of
Criminal Minds. *(n)
[Definition of Sanity]


Germany did not at all want more territory, they
wanted to commit more Crimes,

of course, remember, the head of state
and his aides, forming that government,
are Criminal by nature, so they ENJOY to
and they WANT to commit Crimes

and they wanted to do THAT in a wider area and
on more people

- indeed, their Crimes were not remedied by
their having more territory; quite (and very
much) to the contrary, it doubled and
tripled their Crimes -

because Germany WAS governed by Criminal Minds, and
was headed by one Criminal Mind - who was intending
to dominate all people


a fact that he carefully kept secret from
his followers and from the public

UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE because now he HAD
ATTACKED already and now "The German
People had to 'defend themselves'" -

really, HE was attacking others, but he
sold that to his public

- he controlled all of what you would now
call the Internet communications, but
then it was 'Volks-empfaenger' (radios),

and the Germans were FORBIDDEN to listen
to other stations as listening to other
information would be "treason against
Germany and its people, against one's
own people" - selling it

as 'the German people have to defend
themselves' -

with Germany expanding fast and being prosperous and
with a vast military build-up,

and HE INTENDED (and then proceeded) to
destroy all and everything that he acquired
and controlled,

which nobody believed, because "people are
not that crazy that they want to destroy their
own country and their own people and their own

you saw many heads of state do exactly
that - in Russia, in China, in Japan,
in Cambodia, in North Korea, in Cuba,
in Vietnam, in Laos, etc. etc. - but

"a head of state is not that crazy,"

as to ENJOY to destroy his own people
and his own country, and to work very
hard to completely deceive everyone
in the country about it (or put them
away and locked up), and to make them
do what he wants,

for which he had to FIRST 'acquire' the territory
of his own country (by becoming head of state), and
to gain control of the people first,

isn't it... you 'Dumm-koepfe.'




It is not at all 'the desire to have more land or more
possessions,' and not at all, 'to govern more Germans,'

or, 'China wants more oil,' and 'wants to expand
its geographical area of control.'


BUT, those ideas are used to hide Criminal Minds, very
successfully to hide THEIR intentions to harm, to enslave,
to dominate or to destroy, even to torture others

- these are not at all YOUR intentions when you want
to buy fuel oil, or when you desire a piece of
land, isn't it -

but the lie, "wanting possessions makes people evil," does
HIDE the true intentions of the thief,

and also hides the true intentions of the communist
dictator "who owns all and dominates everyone,"

by telling others, in the words of the Criminal
Minds Karl Marx or Lenin or Mao Zedong, that

"YOU owning things, is (making you) evil," and

you must give all that you possess, your work, yes,
even the Energy of your dreams, "to the One Party,"

to THEM, that is, to the Communist Cadre, to
the Party Bosses -

"THEY will tell you, what is good or evil for
you and for others,"

and then they inflict their deceptions,
and do their atrocious lying and their
blocking and vilifying of truth,

their hiding Crimes that are taking
place at all levels of the society,
and in all professions, including in
the Medical Trade, too, of course

(We have seen it all in World War
II, which you promised me, you
don't want to happen again,

So you will have to get people to
study the Human Rights Issues,

which teach you, for the first
time, also the Nature of War, and
thus how to ACTUALLY avoid it.)
[Detecting CMs by Omission]
[Nature of War]

because Criminal Minds CAMOUFLAGE their actual
Hate for life, their Contempt for people, as



"an understandable or acceptable, seemingly truth,"
clever, forcefully intelligent lies

- that also then journalists did relay, and
that also now they do and will continue to
report as "the reasons,"

or that they 'diplomaticly' hide, as being
the 'self-understood' "reasons" -

Associated Press still keeps reporting Hu
Jintao's lies, un-altered and un-commented
lies about "Taiwan being part of China," etc.,

and that you, also now again, did accept as

"the reason, explaining" what you witnessed recently and
which is the occasion of this Human Rights Issue,

the debilitating state reception with military honors,
etc., that was intended

- performed, acted out, done publicly by George W.
Bush to Hu Jintao, what they both did to you,
actually, not opposed but aided openly by George
W. Bush and caused directly by Hu Jintao -

to numb and confuse you by means of outrageous lies,



publicly enacted, shown as "fact of public
recognition of Hu Jintao" - which was the
only purpose of Hu Jintao for coming to America -

thus INTENDING, plotting, planning, preparing,
making "inevitable,"

"sanctioned now ALSO by the American people and
its president and by the American government"

as everyone - globally even - could clearly
see on Television and in all other media,

his ongoing activity of destroying the freedom of
(first the Chinese) people now and in the future,
and then of all people,

all business and government people in
particular, who will then "take care of the


while the military - people who are
SUPPOSED to defend your freedom - are
simply 'following orders' that are
entirely against the mission and mandate
and nature that they have, which is, to
PROTECT you from Criminal Minds, and
instead they are 'following orders' *(n)
of Criminal Minds or Destructive Cowards
[Military Ethics]
[Destructive Cowards]

WHILE ALL Criminal Minds know very well,
that they, Criminal Minds, are totally
finished, have no power, when the
military DOES (when you, being the

say 'No' to Criminal Minds, for which
you first have to detect them, of

and you must (and you must make others)

all of which they (or you) might NOT do,
and instead they (or you) tend to be
'afraid of losing THEIR OWN position, or
your own position,'

all because, and only because they
(and also you) are conditioned,
brought up, socially adapted, to

REFUSE to state who is a Criminal
Mind, and they are conditioned,
also by their education and their
up-bringing, they have agreed to

refuse to state, what intentions a
Criminal Mind has,
[Nature of War]

(in other words, they did
not study the Human Rights

and so (you yourself, to a large extent,
and) others also can be expected to be,
you can anticipate, that they will be


entirely and only following the impulse projected
BY Criminal Minds, that "if you do not please
them - Criminal Minds - if you stop pleasing these,
then 'something terrible will happen to you or to

- while in fact, THE VERY OPPOSITE IS TRUE.


This I have told you only ten thousand times,
so far - that 'Criminal Minds have everything
in reverse.'

So surely, you don't know that yet, and

besides, you can also not recognize
Criminal Minds, and

in fact - entirely complying with
Criminal Minds - you refuse to even
consider, that an individual you know,
or work with, CAN be a Criminal Mind:

"It can not be, that Criminal Minds

In this, you are of course in
good company, of the very many
people who also have been
compelled to believe, or rather,

who have been made to feel and
tell others, against better
knowledge, that

"Criminal Minds do not exist." *(n)
["Insane" "defined"]

That is a kind of very hard,
utterly life-destroying hypnotism,
that you have to push yourself out
and break free of - as I mentioned

Hypnotism that everyone
suffers from, and that you
(try to) break free of every
morning when you wake up.

Nobody ever told you this,
and nobody told me either,
so I had to work very hard
to find this out - but the
word hypnotism is CORRECTLY
derived from the Greek word
for 'sleep.'

I will go into that
extremely important
subject elsewhere, if

you give me some time,
by PLEASE doing YOUR
job, so I can do mine.


The medical "sciences" have
only five percent of the
necessary facts, and that
vacuum of ninety-five
percent is "filled" with and
hidden by means of arrogance
and the most vicious, the
most atrocious, mean lies,
that keep you sick and
suffering from "treatments"
at the hands of medical
"science." *(n) [Current]


Hypnotism, as you might know - or
should find out - is always hooked
onto, fastened onto, attached to
some truth, *(n) something that
you do naturally want:

"You want this person to be
nice to you and to like you,
and you want this person to
be Beautiful, isn't it?"

"From now on, everything that
person says and does, no
matter what it is, is nice
to you, and shows his or her
liking for you. He or she
looks very Beautiful to you,
as you are too."
'Oh, thank you, thank you -
you have made my deepest
wish come true! All the Hate
is gone!'

Really, now...

the hypnotist has merely
made his subject "create an
own reality to experience AS
IF true."

As you know it from a dream;
exactly that, IS hypnotism.

Such a hypnotized
person is of course
not a reliable friend,
not to you, nor to
himself, but he can in
fact be very dangerous
to you and to himself.
[Destructive Coward]
[Definition of
Schizophrenic] [Cosmos
Perception] [FPP
Psychosis] [Def
Insanity, Humor]

Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34

(*) 'George W. Bush, the Chamberlain to Hu Jintao (as in 1938 Munich,
Britain's Prime Minister Chamberlain to Hitler)'
{HRI 20060423-V3.5.1} [Version 4.1 has not yet been issued]
(23 April 2006 - Version 3.5.1 on 12 May 2006)
{HRI 20060423-V3.5-c}



Copyright 2008 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths,
who vehemently oppose any true knowledge of life and of themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific 'agenda,' but only to educate, and to
encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
PlatoWorld at Lycos.com


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